The Basics of Kata Interpretation


Basics of Kata Interpretation

Kata Interpretation

Kata Interpretation

The ​basics of Kata interpretation is one of many important aspects of Kyusho study. However, from a self defense standpoint there is a lot more! Now many of the very old Kata have some set interpretations and that is very cool! However, teaching someone to interpret something by showing them what it is, well that is not really teaching. Tradition is awesome, but in my view there needs to more.

Words matter, they are very powerful and they have BIG influence on your mind. The ability to defend yourself goes far beyond "style" and right into teaching and deprogramming certain beliefs some people can have.

What is a Block?

Are you aware that the term "block" is wrong?  For many people, not everyone, if you teach them "block" they will not ever do it under pressure. If you use the word "strike" they will be more likely to do so. Therefore, the best method to teach for self defense is that every block is really a strike.  The very definition of the word block messes up the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Block - verb -make the movement or flow in (a passage, pipe, road, etc.) difficult or impossible.

An example is using a "down block" better called a "down strike" to redirect the kick.  Redirect and block do not have the same meaning!

So how does all this relation to Kata Interpretation? Very simple, you teach the student, guide the student into seeing things themselves in the Kata, and not just telling them what is there! If they discover it, then a connection is made in the brain, and this increasing the likelihood of them being able to use said technique in real life.


With that in mind I am in the process of creating a NEW video series on the Basics of Kata Interpretation. It will be  3 part series, each coming at different times. I have not done a video series like this in years so this will be fun!

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