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The 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points

3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points

Dangerous Pressure Points

The 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points

What are the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points and why are they dangerous?

First and foremost I will advise these pressure points should ONLY be used in life and death circumstances. They should also only be seriously studied under a QUALIFIED Kyusho Jitsu teacher.  This information is for reference ONLY.  

No information will be given on angle and direction in this article.  Also do miss our article on the 3 Most Painful Pressure Points on the Body!

Spleen 21
Kyusho Setup Points

The Spleen Meridian

In my personal view this is hands down the most dangerous pressure point on the human body. I always advise my students to research and understand this dangerous pressure point. But under no circumstances to use it for demonstrations. Hence self defense only! 

Located as you can see above in the seventh intercostal space directly under the armpit area. This is the weakest point on the rib cage. Therefore a solid strike can easily break the ribs, causing a lung puncture. And possible damage to the heart. SP-21 is also a Special Alarm Point with very important ties into the Study of Dim Mak.

Conception 17
The Conception Vessel

The Conception Vessel

The second on my list is the most dangerous pressure points is CO-17. Conception 17 lies as you can see in the image at the xiphoid process at the base of the sternum. CO-17 is also the Alarm Point for Pericardium.

An Alarm Point is a special pressure point on the body that has a direct relationship with the ORGAN they represent. Pericardium is the "sack" that holds the heart. You can learn more about Alarm Points from here

Fortunately proper activation of the Alarm Point does require special knowledge. You will not accidentally strike this point and cause death. There is a method of activation for use in Neurological Knockouts, however it is not the same as affecting the organ directly.  But, much damage can occur strike this point, therefore cautious is ALWAYS suggested!

Stomach 9 & 10
Stomach Meridian

Stomach Meridian

These 2 are together because it is not possible to hit one without the other.  These points are often mis-located by many practitioners which may not be a bad thing. However they are on the neck, lateral to the Adam's apple at the carotid artery. 

Striking these very dangerous pressure points will cause a drop in blood pressure that results in unconsciousness.  It is also possible if "plaque" exist in the artery in this location for it to dislodge and end up causing a "stroke" by logging in the brain. Here is a link to an article written by Dim Mak Master Erle Montaigue back in 1988.  You can also learn more about our Dim Mak Courses here

This set of point should be studied but only used in real life or death situations!

Many Other Dangerous Pressure Points

In conclusion these are what I consider to be the 3 Top Most Dangerous Pressure Points on the human body. There are however many, many others.  The study of the science of pressure point self defense is a deep one. However the benefits to the study, taking your self defense skills to a total new level is worth the effort!

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Grand Master Art Mason

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