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Dim Mak Project Update


Dim Mak Project Update

A Dim Mak Project Update

Time for a Dim Mak Project Update

When you are dealing with one of the greatest legendary martial arts in history it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.  Dim Mak is one such art. The "Touch of Death" is certainly legendary.  So today I want to, after some time, give everyone a Dim Mak Project Update.

Dim Mak Project Update - How it happened

Now I am not trained formally in Dim Mak. My root art is Hapkido [34 years] and 16 plus years in the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu. But the relationship that existed between Dim Mak and Kyusho was of great interest to me. So several years ago I began to search the facts and reality of Dim Mak.

What I found led to the Dim Mak Project eBook

Over time and with encouragement from others I created a course in beginners Dim Mak theories based on what I have found.  Then in May of this year I added a second course, which I hauled mid summer. 

Why? Because I found NEW and critical information! I decided to stop the course rather then create a 3rd. Now today I will begin to work on finishing the former Intermediate Dim Mak Project Development Course, that is now an Advanced Course. 

Those in the course already from May will get the first look, once all is ready to go. Release dates will follow later this month. 

Dim Mak Project Update - What is the Dim Mak Project?

As I have said before I am not a formal student of Dim Mak. I am presenting theories and application based on my own work. So do I view the difference between Kyusho Jitsu and Dim Mak to be?

Making this simple, Kyusho Jitsu attacks the neurological aspects of the body while Dim Mak attacks the blood systems. So to my mind this division makes Dim Mak a high level self defense system, really only for life and death circumstances. For me Self Defense and the Right to Self Defense are crucial. 

However the 2 sciences go together like a hand in a glove. Which is why I view the Dim Mak Project as critical information. 

With this in mind I am hoping to get more Kyusho Jitsu students interested in this topic and my research. Therefore I have a gift for you because you read this article.

Dim Mak Project Video
Dim Mak Project Course

The Dim Mak Project

Below you will find a link to a 100 plus minute virtual class I did with my some of my Kyusho Jitsu in Canada. This was recorded last December 2017. The students loved it and continue to work with the information.

This December as I treat I hope to do another!

If you were to purchase this video it lists for $49.97. However if you follow the link below it is yours totally FREE! There are no strings, just fill in your name and email and the download link will appear!

Stay tuned for more updates also on the Dim Mak Project!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Dim Mak is Advanced Self Defense

​Advanced Self Defense

Advanced Self Defense

​Advanced Self Defense

What do I mean by Advanced Self Defense? What exactly is the reference here to Dim Mak? Let me explain.

Self defense is a complicated subject. There are never any guarantees when/if you are attacked on the street. Remember this is NOT a fight. This "person" has a motive and it has NOTHING to do with his or her ego. Unless you are unfortunate enough to encounter a serial killer.

There is no way to predict anything when it comes to being attacked. Sometimes you ​see it coming because you are being "interviewed" while other time the attack can come long after the interview. So there is a lot to prepare for!

​3 Types of Attack

First we need to understand there are ONLY 3 ways to attack someone after the interview. These are the physical methods of attack. You will either be

  1. Pushed first
  2. Grabbed first
  3. Punched first

Now a knife is the 3rd option.  If you don't see it coming you need to rely on your self defense skills, based in your root art, with hopefully the addition of the science of pressure point self defense to make you more effective!

If you see it coming, realize you are being interviewed, you can then prepare for what comes next. This gives you opportunity, if trained properly, to assess the attack, like he did you, and use this information against him! Therefore this is what I mean about Advanced Self Defense.

It is also what the Dim Mak Project is about.

Dim Mak Project

The Dim Mak Project is what I would consider to be HIGH LEVEL Kyusho Jitsu Study. But then these are only "names." What it is all about is advanced self defense under the circumstances that you know the situation is going bad. It is learning to be aware and see the weakness in the attacker and capitalize on these weaknesses.  With this in mind I created the Dim Mak Project Development Courses

Currently we have 2 courses. The 1st one, and the place you need to start is the Novice Dim Mak Development Course. This covers all the basics of truly advanced self defense learning ​you can apply to your root martial art system. The second is the Intermediate Dim Mak Development Course which launched May 15th 2018 and is about "applications" for the information. Therefore helping with integration into you art.

In conclusion take a look at the LINK below and get started today!

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Yours in the arts,
​Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason