No Touch Knockouts Neurological?


Are No Touch Knockouts Neurological?

No Touch Knockouts Neurological?

No Touch Knockouts Neurological?

Today as we continue with Neurological Pressure Point Knockout week I will discuss the phenomenon of the No Touch Knockout and answer the question are No Touch Knockouts Neurological

The first thing I am going to mention on this topic is that they will NEVER be main stream science research on this! Why? Because main stream science only considers things they can get BIG MONEY from funding on! And therefore provide a massive return to the investors on! All you need do is look at the drug companies and Nasa.

Now I could go on for weeks on this topic, but this is Neurological Pressure Point Knockout Week, so lets get on with it!

Are No Touch Knockouts Neurological?
Self Defense is Neurological

No Touch Knockouts Neurological?

The short answer for this is yes, because everything in one way or another is a neurological event.  But the understanding of how this knockouts work and what their limitation are is worth talking about. 

No touch knockouts were discovered by accident. There was no intention to figure out a way to do this. The whole story is rather long and complex, but it was the reaction to people doing energy work.

Now there are people who do not believe the human body has electromagnetic energy. And I cannot help these people. If you are one why are you still reading this? Seriously!

But I can make some comparisons for you.  If you look historically at people who live next to power stations you will be a significant increase in illness. The powers that be deny this of course. If they admit responsibility then they have to do something about it. Another big threat is cellphones.  The affect is not the same for everyone, and this makes things complex. This shows how energy affects energy. 

Are No Touch Knockouts Neurological?

The same is true with no touch knockouts. Some people are susceptible while others like myself are not. Because something works on one person and not the other does not made it "fake." Diet is a great example of this! 

If you consider all the things like a cellphone that have an affect on the body you need to understand it is caused by frequency, not amplitude [Power]. This is what is going to make 5G so damn dangerous when it become mainstream. This is also the basis of the  No Touch Knockout.

The idea behind the No Touch Knockout is to harmonize with the energy in the nervous system of the Uki and then force a FAST change to cause the brain to reboot. In a nut shell that is all there is to it! Harmonize the frequency and quickly cause a change.

The fun and study come from trying to broaden the number of people you can do this on, and also the distances it can be done over. However there are great benefits for the martial artists as it help to increase focus and calmness within your own body. 

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Are No Touch Knockouts Neurological?

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No Touch Knockouts Neurological?
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