Pressure Point Street Self Defense


Pressure Point Street Self Defense

What is Pressure Point Street Self Defense

Pressure Point Street Self Defense

The title of this article is an odd one. Why is that? Because a huge percentage of self defense situations happen at home. Therefore the title "Pressure Point Street Self Defense" is not completely accurate. But that is OK because the solutions are all the same.

Today as I was going through the statistics for my websites I saw an interesting search. "What hold to use to remove someone from your home when they refuse to leave." This happens a LOT and every martial arts teacher and self defense "expert" should be teaching this solution.

In fact this is where Pressure Point Street Self Defense should always begin! Why is that? Because this is what I call a Level One Threat and is the most common type of self defense issue people will encounter. 

Level One Threat

So what is a Level One Threat? This is a disruptive person in which the situation might escalate to violence, however violence, other than verbal assault, has not yet occurred.

Self Defense Today

Pressure Point Street Self Defense

Perhaps as that search above stated.  Maybe a disruptive person is in your home, perhaps a relative who is drunk, or a boy stalking your daughter and they need to be removed. 

There is a train of thought or a train of lack of thought in the martial arts world that says "punch him in the head and drag him out." Yeah NO, even though he or she, and she does happen, are in your home this is still assault! Unless they attack you cannot strike them. 

They need to be removed fast, and effectively without excessive force. In walks Humane Pressure Point Tactics. The perfect solution for Pressure Point Street Self Defense!

Below is a 3 minute video from an HPPT [Humane Pressure Point Tactics] Course I did in Canada back in 2011.

This is a head up application once learned is VERY effective! But there is much more to this than the video shows.  I have taught this to bouncers and police, and they all praised the course! 

HPPT - Free Gift to get you started
Learn Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Free Humane Pressure Point Tactics Lesson

Today I am going to offer you a gift to get you started on real world solutions for today's ever increasing violent crime rate. 

Are you aware that in 2017 there was an increase in violent crime in Canada by 5%? Windsor Ontario has become a hotbed for street violence! Only vigilance and training can keep you safe!

Click the link below and you can download totally FREE the first lesson of my Level One Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course. Do it now and get started today!

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Grand Master Art Mason

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Pressure Point Street Self Defense - Real Heads Up Self Defense
Article Name
Pressure Point Street Self Defense - Real Heads Up Self Defense
What is Pressure Point Street Self Defense? This is real heads up, street self defense for anyone concerned about the escalating violence of today's world.
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Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance
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