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Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

​​​​Why are Humane Pressure Point Tactics important? And why I am going to offer you a total FREE Humane Pressure Point Tactics video? Let's get down to the multiple reasons that martial artists and self defense experts should be getting involved!

First, don't let the term "Humane Pressure Point Tactics" fool you! There is nothing warm and fuzzy about what these techniques and applications are all about. The name as it implies work with the idea of keeping Self Defense within the limits of the law. Today your right to self defense is under attack. Measures need to be taken to protect them. This is one such measure. 

What are Humane Pressure Point Tactics?

This is a series of 3 different certification courses with teaching in the real world in mind. Each level builds on the next providing a complete look at basic, realistic, and workable self defense skills. None of this is based on some Hollywood fighting fantasy like so much of what is being called self defense today. 

One of the most important parts of these course is the understanding of escalation of attack, and the legals that revolved around this. 

Here are the 3 Levels of Course breakdown:

  1. Level One is training to deal with a bad situation BEFORE the real violence breaks out. You will learn how to control an escalating situation including how to remove a disruptive person from the scene without making matters worse than they are. 
  2. The Level Two course deals with handling the situation after it has escalated to punches, kicks or other physical means. It teaches how to end the conflict without ending up being charged yourself.
  3. Level Three is HIGH escalation self defense. Multiple attacker training, plus dealing intelligently with knives and guns.

All heads up realistic training!

Who is Humane Pressure Point Tactics for?
Verbal Self Defense Skills

HPPT Teaches Verbal Self Defense Skills

So who is the kind of course for? What are the requirements to learn and certify. First I must tell you this course is based on one I took from Grand Master Steve Stewart back in 2010. This was also a 3 Level certification/right to teach course. 

It was and is fantastic! However I personally found that it was aimed more at law and security people, and not so much the general public.

This is why I have totally revamped the initial training, added many things to it, and released my own course. Yes this course is good for Law/Security/Police but it is aimed at the civilian in a day when everyone wants to teach "combat."

And Self Defense is NOT combat. Therefore this course is essential for the majority of people you know! Who can benefit from Humane Pressure Point Tactics?

  1. Martial Art school owners and teachers giving them solid self defense to add to their systems.
  2. People who deal with people on a day to day basis where the potential for violence exists. Examples like Teachers and Health Care professionals.
  3. The average person on the street who is concerned about escalating violence, therefore keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.

Hence this course is for pretty much everyone! So maybe this is something you should take a serious look at! And I know you will be happy you did!

Get your FREE Humane Pressure Point Tactics Lesson
Self Defense Today

Self Defense Today

So let talk now about the Free HPPT lesson one video I am offering to give you. At the bottom of this post you will find a link to another page to download the first lesson of Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One.

There is nothing you need to buy, just fill in your name and email address. And you can also use your Facebook account if you prefer. Immediately after you will see the link to download.

There will be a request send to you to allow me to send you more information on H.P.P.T [Humane Pressure Point Tactics], but it is only a request. 

Follow this link NOW and get your FREE Video while it is still available
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Kyusho Jitsu Home Study

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Humane Pressure Point Tactics - Get your FREE Video Lesson Now!
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