Nonviolent Crisis Intervention – Keeping Self Defense in Legal Limits


Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

What is Nonviolent Crisis Intervention?

The term Nonviolent Crisis Intervention is really rather misleading.  The Government of Ontario Canada has a program name after this term that is required learning for civil servants.Why is that? Because they are worried about law suites, not about protecting their employees. How do I know?

I have seen the program. It is terrible! The person being attacked needs to be safe first, and responsible forced used to end the conflict.  Violence is the last resort, but escalation needs to be understood to help prevent the situation from turning violent.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - Low Level 
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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

Escalation is what happens as tension grows in a conflict.  

In the first level of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Escalation we look at is the low level. This is the interview or prelude to violence. And this will occur 95% of the time. Being blind sided does happen, however it is not as common as most people think it is. Violence is a very psychological event, and the need for the attacker to dominate and scare is part of this picture.  This model applies to from simple assault all the way to the horrific mass shootings.

Low Level Nonviolent Crisis Intervention requires a certain skill set, which includes a physical element. You need to learn and possess certain verbal skills, as well as physical skills to preemptively hand bad situations. This is what is taught in Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - Medium Level

Now the term medium level may confuse you a little bit, so let me explain. At the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Escalation Medium Level the situation has now escalated to violence with the first punch or gab having happened. Once at this point the negotiations have ended and the physical threat must be met with "reasonable force."

However no threat of the taking of life has been made, no weapon introduced or suspected.

This is the level that most martial artists wrongly feel comfortable in. However many many times the martial artist overestimate their own skills or underestimate the attacker. Medium Level can go to High Level in heart beat and therefore there is much to consider! And many martial artists get in trouble here for "excessive force" as well! 

This level of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention also requires verbal skills as well as physical skills. Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level Two Certification is designed for this particular level of Self Defense Escalation.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - High Level
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High Level Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

This is the "oh shit" moment when you realize that:

a) Your attacker is not alone.

b) That your attacker has a weapon

Both of these High Level Nonviolent Crisis Intervention points are seriously life changing and life threatening! At this point the only thing that matters is getting out of the situation with your life still intact! There is no win or lose here, there is only survival! Plus there needs to be an understanding that a lot has gone wrong for you to be at this point! 

Escape from this situation requires very special skills and a very special mindset! All of the "self defense vs weapon" dreams do not apply here! That is fantasy! This is reality! One such example is the countless misconceptions of what happens in a knife attack, or the believe that somehow you will disarm the attacker and save the day!

No you need the skills to get out and get out fast! You also need to understand why you are still alive and how to proceed from that point!  Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level Three Certification is to give you these skills, skills to understand, and deal with a life threatening situation. 

So what is the Humane Pressure Point Tactics I am talking about?

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

I have enhanced and developed a set of 3 courses to specially deal with all these levels of escalation in a conflict.  These course look at the defender first assuring their safety and then deal with using reasonable force on the attacker.

It keeps self defense within the legal limits!  This is critical if you wish to stay out of court or jail!  Learn more now about these very important course for you safety and security on today's dangerous streets.

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Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - Keeping Self Defense in Legal Limits
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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - Keeping Self Defense in Legal Limits
What is Nonviolent Crisis Intervention? If someone attacks you there are many things you need to know about self defense. How to be safe & stay out of jail!
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