Are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts Real?

Are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts Real?

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

Perhaps the most controversial subject in all of martial arts today,  are if Kyusho No Touch Knockouts are real. There are certainly players on both side of this questions. So today lets address what is real, and what is myth!

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

One of the things I always find funny about my industry is those who will get on their knees in homage of a master of old, yet mock anyone today who claims the same ability. But it is what it is, right? 

Typically speaking those in opposition to Kyusho, No Touch Knockouts etc are people who have either failed to understand the material, people too lazy to do the work. Or closed minded egotist who just can't help but hide behind a keyboard and mock people who are actually doing the work. Kinda pathetic really!

I have actually had someone tell me I am hypnotizing people into believing what I teach.  I say thank you to this! Imagine the abilities I must possess to be able do this! I think he was trying to mock me. Shows the intellect doesn't it?

So with that out of the way lets again look at the question. Are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts Real? The short answer is YES, Kyusho No Touch Knockouts are real. But I also must qualify this yes!

Are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts Real?

The basic idea behind a Kyusho No Touch Knockout is to harmonize with the Uki's Chi and turn it off momentarily. This is an over simplified answer, but essentially correct! 

Kyusho No Touch Kncokouts

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

Patterns of Energy in the hand.  Note the high intensity of HT-08

Now I have stated many times in the past I see no street application for this phenomenon. However I am certainly not the most accomplished in the world at this practice. I have a solid working knowledge and understanding. But there are people who certainly must be better!

At my level the Uki needs to be open to the experience, and therefore his "aura" is receptive to my energy. In a self defense situation the attackers "aura" is closed and would require a tremendous amount of energy to penetrate. I am not saying it is impossible, just improbable! 

Here is an example of a Kyusho No Touch I did many years ago.

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

It takes a lot of work to become proficiency at this area of Kyusho Jitsu. I believe it is a very important part of the study of the science of pressure point self defense because it builds body Chi and FOCUS which is critical in all of training and life!

Here are some truths to understand.

  • No Touch Knockouts can be dangerous to the Uki and should only be practiced by those who understand the risks and have been trained properly!
  • They can also cause medical issues with the practitioner! Again you need to study the materials and understand all the ins and outs of Kyusho No Touch Knockouts
Learning Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

The first important thing to understand is that all knockouts, including Kyusho No Touch Knockouts are neurological!  It is best to understand how and why this works!

The second step in development is Chi Building. Without the Chi in the body being high, and without the ability to control it, you will not be successful! Check out both links above! These are essential materials!

Now if you are serious about this area of study I have 2 suggestions for you to learn from! You need precise materials to get going! Otherwise the only thing you will develop is frustration!

Below are links to my eBook on Kyusho No Touch Knockout Theories and also my video of Kyusho No Touch Knockout Applications. 

Plus check out our ALL NEW Advanced No Touch Knockouts Theories Video!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

PS- I get many questions daily with regard to this and other Kyusho Jitsu topics. Priority for answers of questions goes first to my Coaching Students, and then to Kyusho Jitsu Course students. After I address other questions.

However I will no write long answers for information I have already released in eBooks and Video Course.  I have no obligation to non students or those who pirate information. I am happy to help people, within reason.

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Are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts Real?
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Are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts Real?
One of the most controversial subjects in Martial Arts Today is the Kyusho Jitsu No Touch Knockouts. Are they real? Is there an application for them?
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