Proactive Self Defense [Kyusho]

Proactive Self Defense

Proactive Self Defense [Kyusho]

Proactive Self Defense [Kyusho]

Today I saw an ad on one of my website for "Proactive Self Defense." So I followed it and discovered it was an ad on Amazon selling personal "tasers." Interesting idea really, but how proactive is this?

The problem with this kind of ad, and the companies that promote them is the lack of integrity in the ad themselves.  Now I have no issues with people arming themselves for self defense purposes. It saddens me to think this is necessary, but in many places it really is!

But there several problems. 

  1. Who will train them to use one? Obviously if they are being sold on Amazon there barriers to purchase are almost non existent! 
  2. Is the carrier aware use can end up being lethal? The use of lethal force has its own legal complications.  Without the proper training mentioned above the odds increase of this happening.  Not to mention the mental issues associated with taking a human life.
  3. What personal training does the "defender" or "carrier" have to avoid unnecessary use of the taser gun? Or will they simply be reactive to the situation and assume harm?

It all gets down to training!

Proactive Self Defense

There is an epidemic today of people discussing the idea of Proactive Self Defense. People are purchasing weapons like the taser or guns, but not doing the real work they need to do, to make sure it really is a step towards Proactive Self Defense. 

There is nothing more dangerous or foolish than carrying a weapon that you have not been FULLY trained to use.  Women carrying "pepper spray" and end up having it taken and used against them! Or they miss, spray themselves due to wind or adrenaline rushes that cause bad judgment. 

Proactive Self Defense

Proactive Self Defense

Wanna carry this? Then you need to be properly trained to use it!

The sale of these products is the result of good marketing, and BAD implementation ideas! Again I restate! I have no issue with people carrying weapons, but the need to be trained!

I have a good friend in the USA, Dr Dan Meadows who trains people in firearms. Look him up from this link if you want to learn more! 

Real proactive self defense is about preparation! What is begin advertised with these taser is really reactive. Want a taser? Do the proper training first!

Proactive Self Defense

Proactive self defense is about preparing for a bad situation, learning to see the warning signs and peacefully dealing with the situation to prevent it from turning to violence. 

You must develop skills to de-escalate a potentially bad situation, taking control of it. Then if this option fails having the tools to control or deal with the violence in a calm and control manner. 

Proactive Self Defense - Stay Away!

Proactive Self Defense - Stay Away!

Thus making sure anyone in the vicinity, as well as yourself remain safe. This may require UP to and including lethal force. But lethal force ONLY when required and allow in by law! Anything else is foolhardy! Unless you wish to end up in a prison yourself.  I personally believe violent criminals should lose their rights! However that is only my opinion. i must by law respect there rights whether I agree or not!

Anything else can land me in jail.

Proactive Self Defense - Personal Safety

There are 2 ways to go about the idea of proactive self defense and personal safety. One is the option most people chose. Which is DO NOTHING.  It is not a "bad" option, you are simply playing the odds nothing will ever happen.

The second is to get off the couch and do the work! Become trained in all aspects of self defense. Real self defense from the ground up! Buying a weapon and then not training is a mistake! It is also a HUGE mistake to not have serious basic self defense training too!

Proactive Self Defense - Basic training.

Now I am not a weapons expert by any stretch of the imagination. I am pretty good with a knife, but I do not consider myself an expert.

However I have a solid solution for unarmed self defense! A program built from the ground up to teach deescalation, and control of bad situations. Plus dealing with the problem if violence does occur! 

Proactive Self Defense - Tip - Put the phone away!

Proactive Self Defense - Tip - Put the phone away!

Self Defense Tip! Put the phone away! Do not do this! Also, never checkin to anywhere that you are! If you want to show your friends where you are do it after you leave!

At Kyusho Jitsu University I am offering a 3 Level Certification Course called Humane Pressure Point Tactics.

Don't let the word "humane" fool you. This simply refers to remaining within the legal bounds of self defense.

In this 3 level course I teach all the basics you need to understand and control BAD situations. Even VERBAL self defense skills are addressed!

Follow the link below and read about this essential self defense training. Right now the price cannot be beaten ANYWHERE for this kind of training! 

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Have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

The Truth about Proactive Self Defense
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The Truth about Proactive Self Defense
Proactive Self Defense is not what many people think it is. It is not about going about and getting weapon. Truthfully it is a state of mind and Training.
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