What if Pressure Points Really Work?


What if Pressure Points Really Work?

What if Pressure Points Really Work?

What if Pressure Points Really Work?

Tell me nay-sayers! What if Pressure Points Really Work? Yes I know I can here you now! "I don't need to worry about that because I am an expert on everything!" 

I cannot count the number of times I have been slandered by these clowns. But, I am different, their "opinions" mean nothing to me. How is that? Because I have nothing to prove to anyone, and if they chose to believe that pressure points don't work, I don't really care.

Am I hard on the martial arts world? You are damn right I am! We are supposed to, as teachers and students be held to a higher standard! But I am not seeing much of this!

A Higher Standard!

But what does bother me, is today how the "uneducated" in the science of pressure point self defense scream the loudest, talk the most, but have ZERO education or experience in it!  

And I love those who attended a seminar, got in a fight and lost! Then they blame Kyusho and not themselves.

It is funny how tenets are so often talked about in classes, yet martial arts masters seem to feel these do not apply to them? Interesting eh? 

If you look at the social media accounts of these "masters" they are true "Aren't I great" sites.  Just seems like Narcissistic behavior to me.  

Lose the Ego

More Knowledge the lesser the ego and the lesser the need to be right

But the sad fact is these people have either not bothered to do the study, which is fine as long as you are not trying to influence other people, or they could NOT figure it out.

 They will boldly talk of how they are "right" because there is no medical evidence that "meridians" exist. Yet don't consider why that it? [there is no money in this research]. 

Think for yourself!

The martial arts world has long seen known for being like an "old boys club." I experienced that with my first Grand Master who wanted me to go to a party at his home, but not my wife because she was still a coloured belt then. That boat did not float!

What is the point to this rant? Many times, especially on the disease is that social media Kyusho Jitsu students are "BULLIED" by these clowns.  My message is "think for yourself" and do your own work! Because someone has been in the arts ANY particular time at all, does not translate into what they know or can apply!

Myself I ignore, delete and move on! There "opinions" and these are opinions, mean nothing to me.  Life is supposed to be a journey of learning.  If the egotist would put away their bullshit, shut up and actually "listen" for once, they might learn something. What a concept eh?

Imagine a world that this was the focus? If we would actually drop the "bull" and realize on the grand scheme of things we all know NOTHING, the world would be a better place! As an example I am very well educated in the science of pressure point however I know NOTHING of BJJ, so I don't talk about it.

Now considering Kyusho Jitsu, the science of pressure point self defense DOES WORK these people are missing a lot of great benefits because of their need to be RIGHT rather then be informed! 


What if Pressure Points Really Work?

Are you new to Kyusho Jitsu? For those of you who came to this post out of curiosity welcome! And I am sorry for the rant. However sometimes things need to be said! Can you imagine the benefits to you if pressure points really work? 

A real Kyusho Jitsu Education

A real Kyusho Jitsu Education

Well I have good news for you! They do work! But you also have to do the work, study hard and train the information!  And I can help you get started today FREE!

Now we offer a FREE 30 Day Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course via email. You can sign up to this right here from this link! Give it a shot! You have NOTHING to lose! If the information does not resonate with you well you can leave the course at anytime!

No hard feelings! We can have a virtual handshake and part friends! The science of pressure point self defense is not for everyone! But it is always better to look for yourself than to listen to those who have no idea of what they speak! 

Kyusho Club!
Kyusho Club!

Kyusho Club!

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Have a fantastic day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

What if Pressure Points Really Work?
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What if Pressure Points Really Work?
What if Pressure Points Really Work? The benefits for training in Kyusho Jitsu to enhance your self defense is GREAT! And the Good NEWS is it works!
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