New Self Defense Paradigm


New Self Defense Paradigm

New Self Defense Paradigm

New Self Defense Paradigm

I believe it is time for a New Self Defense Paradigm! As I have said on many different occasions what I see being taught as self defense is either pure trash, or antiquated and very out of touch with the world today.

Yes the student of self defense does have a "learning curse" that must be addressed. But if the system does not go beyond this, then it is a FAIL. And I speak from experience because from a self defense aspect what I learned in my root art WAS and epic fail! But not anymore!

Self Defense Paradigm #1

The first BAD Self Defense Paradigm is that somehow a "fight" proves your worth and that this is self defense. Nothing could be further from the truth! A "fight" is not a self defense situation! I have seen so many martial artist sucked into this idea! 

Self Defense Paradigm

Successful Self Defense Paradigm

Real Self Defense is a process of conflict resolution.  Be it someone upset with you and has mental issues and therefore wishes to do harm. Also, up to being in the wrong place, at the wrong time and you are straight out attacked for no reason. 

A bar fight is 2 or more MORONS. with over inflated egos, who wish to prove their worth. This is not proving anything but how pathetic you are! Perhaps stop drinking! The cemeteries and prisons are loaded with these clowns!

Self Defense Paradigm #2

Combat and self defense are not the same thing! This is a massive misconception today and a lot of what I see is simply BAD stuff.

It is fun to learn, and learning is ALWAYS a good thing! However it is a fail on the streets, unless you are interested in a prison sentence! 

But I hear the food in prison is good! [laughing]

There are some great combat systems to learn like Krav Maga and Systema. I have done some work in Systema myself and they have some great stuff!

But it is not street ready! It is military combat!

New Self Defense Paradigm

New Self Defense Paradigm

Do I really need to tell you everything that is wrong with this one? Both sides are unrealistic! Look at how the knife is being held! And the defense? Only if you want to bleed!

Do I think these systems are of value? For sure! I always encourage martial artists to expand their knowledge whenever possible. Are they a STREET self defense solutions? No they are not because they are COMBAT oriented! 

Self Defense is NOT combat! But there is some good things you can integrate into a self defense system. But they are not for the average person. 

Self Defense Paradigm #3

This is the most dangerous of all New Self Defense Paradigms! That is that there is any one system that can and will guarantee you success in self defense on the streets! That is simply a LIE! And a dangerous lie!

New Self Defense Paradigm

BAD Self Defense Paradigm

Yes this kind of garbage is being taught as street self defense! There is nothing wrong with learning it, but thinking it will work in an attack is a different thing!

This defender is putting his femoral artery at risk, that is DEATH!

Read this article on the 13 Misconception of Knife Attacks!

Referring to Self Defense Paradigm #2,  people die in hand to hand combat everyday! If these systems were so perfect there would be no casualties! 

But nothing is perfect! Therefore we need a New Self Defense Paradigm!

New Self Defense Paradigm

So what is the New Self Defense Paradigm? Lets take a look at a formula for increasing the odds of success in a real life and death situation.

New Self Defense Paradigm #1

The first thing that needs to be taught, considered and understood is prevention. The best, most successful self defense is one that never happens. When you are out know where you are!  Know the neighborhoods and the risks. 

Carry a cellphone in your pocket or purse to use it to call 911 or other emergency numbers. But you are NOT holding it in your hands and using it! Pay attention! Don't make it easy for someone to attack you! But the damn phone away!

Self Defense Kyusho and Knockouts

Self Defense needs to be taught properly!

New Self Defense Paradigm #2

Understand the law when it comes to where you live! In self defense you can only use reasonable force. That is enough force to end the attack and nothing more! Never assume anything! Know the facts. As an example here is a link to the Criminal Code of Canada for self defense.  You will find this online for your country very easy!

New Self Defense Paradigm #3

No matter what martial art you study. Learn and incorporate a system(s) that teaches escalation from low to high and how to handle each one! Also learn about stress training, real stress training and not that crap they used 20 years ago with the padded man.

There is a Psychology to Self Defense that must be understood!  You must know yourself and how to respond to an attack. And you must understand the attacker! Both from a psychological and physical aspect so you can do the most damage with the least amount of time involved!

The conflict must end FAST! The clock is not on your side!

Self Defense Solutions
Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

So is there anything that can cover all the basics you need to know to build a really effect self defense system? Yes there is! 

At Kyusho Jitsu University I am offering a 3 Level Course called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. And don't let the word humane fool you! These courses cover everything from low escalation situations and how to prevent escalation, all the way up to the life and death weapons seen, multiple attacker scenarios!

This is SOLID realistic information that can help you, provided you do the work, greatly increase you odds of success in a bad situation!

Follow this link and read about the 3 different levels! But don't wait the incredible price will be gone soon!

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

New Self Defense Paradigm
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What is taught today as self defense is simply NOT self defense. We Need a New Self Defense Paradigm. One that Works for everyone, not just a few!
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