Kyusho Self Defense Basics

Kyusho & Self Defense Basics

Kyusho Self Defense Basics

Kyusho Self Defense Basics

There is so much needless controversy and arguing in the martial arts world about self defense it has just become ridiculous!  Everyone is fighting about what works and what does not work, when they are really just missing the point! So today we will discuss Kyusho Self Defense Basics, with the focus on the Self Defense Basics.

Self Defense Basics - They miss the point!

The issue with people arguing about things is they always miss the point! Self Defense Basics is a look at what the building blocks for success actually are. And I see only a handful of people ever address this! So let's look deep today into the topic!

Self Defense Tips

Self Defense Tips

When you fight back never do it for anything that be replaced.  If all this man wants is a purse let him have it! You do not know if he is armed or has friends. Your life is more important than you valuables!

It begins with the defender

The missed point. Everything begins with the defender! Does the person who is seeking to learn, or advance self defense skills have the internal ability to do it! Now everyone has, but with correct "teaching" I believe everyone can! 

Let's look at some points. 

Do they have the confidence to fight back?

Some people are natural born fighters, other are made.  The student must be able to get past the fear of being attack, take advantage of the "fight or flight" reflex and not become a deer in the headlights.

Real Self Defense Success

Self Defense Basics

It is good she has what it takes to fight back! But trying to deliver a knee to the body is a BAD idea! Never do things to compromise your balance and therefore giving the edge back to the attacker!

Over the years I have had students, both male and female who by their very nature could "fight back" without any training at all! Then I have met those who have great ability, but hurting someone, fighting back is not within them.  Yes this can change, but the student must do the work and want the change! You need to understand the Psychology of Self Defense.

Which Martial Art is Best?

The best martial art is the one that feel right to the student, and fits their personality! You are not going to get someone who is shy into a ring as a fighter are you? There is no difference in a self defense martial art!

Self Defense Basics - Which Martial Art is Best?

Self Defense Basics - Which Martial Art is Best?

The better rounded the martial art is, the better the chances of success. But you also need to take into account risk fact for the student. This can also dictate the choice of styles. 

Self Defense Basic Skills First!

Martial Arts instructors often blow it when it comes to teaching self defense. And I do mean BLOW IT. I have done it too! They try to teach too much too soon, and tell horror stories of their encounters. 

The instructor must but the ego aside and realize that because it works for them does not mean it will work for ANYONE else.  Why do I say that? Because I have spent 18 year studying this phenomenon! 

Plus there are topics within self defense basics that must be addressed! Not to address these is a grave disservice to your students! These are...

Self Defense Basics - Know the Law!

Self Defense Basics - Know the Law!

  • The LAW as it pertains to self defense in your country, state and region. And don't assume you know! Look it up! Here is a LINK to what Canadian Law says.
  • Teach escalation! Your student needs to understand what being aware is all about, what sign to look for that are "telltale" that violence is coming!
  • Verbal skills to de-escalate the situation and try to prevent violence.
  • A well laid out self defense system as part of the root art that teaches simple, low risk moves, strike, locks etc to end a situation as fast as possible. Nothing complicated! It takes 3000 repetitions for the average person to achieve muscle memory. Save the advanced techniques for later!
  • Visualization, properly taught stress training and the science of pressure point self defense to enhance the effectiveness of the techniques or movements.
Self Defense Basics

And I believe everyone needs to take a serious look at what they are teaching, and even if it is solid, advance the knowledge. Don't get stuck in a non grow paradigm in which something that was once effective, no longer is!

Now I can help! I have a NEW Course at Kyusho Jitsu University that does all of the above. It is a 3 Level Certification Course that teaches everything from low to life threatening escalation.

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Now there is something that can cover all the basics you need to know to build a really effect self defense system! 

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

At Kyusho Jitsu University I am offering a 3 Level Course called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. And don't let the word humane fool you! These courses cover everything from low escalation situations and how to prevent escalation, all the way up to the life and death weapons seen, multiple attacker scenarios!

This is SOLID realistic information that can help you, provided you do the work, greatly increase you odds of success in a bad situation!

Follow this link and read about the 3 different levels! But don't wait the incredible price will be gone soon!

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Have a great weekend!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Sefl Defense Basics
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Kyusho Sefl Defense Basics
Self Defense situations are complex. Each instance is different and therefore requires a broad understanding. Learn Kyusho Self Defense Basics
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