Kyusho Jitsu Questions


Kyusho Jitsu Questions

Kyusho Jitsu Questions

Kyusho Jitsu Questions

Our mind works by asking questions. Have you ever noticed this? You don't suddenly walking down the street decide you want a coffee. What actually happens is you ask yourself the question, "do I want a coffee?" From there you decide yes or no. This is the way it is for everyone! But when it comes to Kyusho Jitsu Questions sometimes people are afraid to ask.

Without questions learning comes to a halt. For the pressure point student Kyusho Jitsu Questions are essential!

Recently I have been reading different topic on Quora, which is basically a question and answer social network. The reason I am doing this is because I have discovered it is good for business.  It helps get the search engines to see my sites. 

There are problems with this or any other social network is that it tends to attract very opinionated, argumentative people, who are ignored in real life because they are disagreeable These people simply MUST give opinions on things they know nothing about. 

This is as an example people, mostly men suffer from sever cognitive dissonance, and a NEED to be RIGHT. Sadly they do influence people online. 

Martial Arts & Cognitive Dissionance
Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

The martial arts world is suffering from some influential people with sever Cognitive Dissonance.  They seem to be everywhere! Trying to discredit others for how they run their school, what "linage" they come from. They also tend to worship the Bullshido guys! Why? Because this group feeds their need for negativity and power. Sad really! 

My opinion of Bullshido is ZERO.  All they do is slander people and not get called for it! But they have actually helped me in the past, which is rather funny really. They feed the need for propaganda and gossip. Pathetic! 

Kyusho Jitsu Questions on Quora

Now I am writing this today to give a specific example of the cognitive dissonance and the martial arts community. This time on Quora.

I was asked the other day to answer Kyusho Jitsu Questions on Quora. The question was "which pressure points could be used under ...." Sorry I do not recall the exact question.

One man answered. "There are no such thing as pressure points and science proves this!" This is why people are afraid and do not wish to ask Kyusho Jitsu Questions. And how Cognitive Dissonance runs wild in our industry and the world in general. 

I did not bother to answer the question as I value my time and debating with an idiot is not part of my day! You cannot open a closed opinionated mind!

However what is man is saying is. "There are no places in the human body where a nerve ends, crosses another nerve or branches off."

Kyusho Jitsu Nerve Strikes

Kyusho Jitsu Nerve Strikes

To deny the affect of attacking the nerves in the human body works is beyond ridiculous!

That is the definition of a pressure point! Plus he is also saying that he is so well read that he know for a fact that there is no science anywhere, and therefore he is right! It must be wonderful to know everything! LOL

Think about that for a minute! This man feels he MUST provide his expert opinion, knowing NOTHING about the topic, because he suffers from a mental disorder.

And we wonder why there are so many peoples in the world! 

Ask you Kyusho Jitsu Questions!

The purpose this is post? I encourage you to ask your Kyusho Jitsu Questions! But ask of people who have done the work! When I stated my Dojo I did not get advice from my sister who is a nurse about doing it. 

Just because someone is involved in the martial arts world does not make them experts on all topic. Even if these people think they are! This problem applies to ever aspect of life! It also includes BIG MEDIA, and just about any other topic you can imagine! I recently watch a documentary on Vlad the Impaler with NO actual truth in it! Discover did not even have the Kingdoms correct. But people believe without questioning! 

Today propaganda is the rule of thumb! But you need to Question Everything! Don't take anyone's word for anything. Question, investigate and apply the knowledge. Keep what works and discard what does not.

Kyusho Question of the Day
Ask your Kyusho Jitsu Questions!

Ask your Kyusho Jitsu Questions!

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu Questions!
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Today the world is populated by people afraid to ask questions! Kyusho Jitsu Questions are the path to learning the science of pressure point self defense!
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