Understanding Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory


Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Understanding the Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory is not for the faint at heart.  It is far more complex than anyone realizes. I have been contemplating this theory for a very, very long time. But first, before we get deep into the Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory let's get some history.

Origins of Yin - Yang

The origins of Yin and Yang go back to about 500 BC with the founding of a philosophy we called Taoism [Daoism]. The father of Taoism is considered to be Lao-Tzu.  There are also heavy ties to Confucianism as well.

Now I have linked back to an article on Wikipedia, because, well why not. But even the headed of the article is wrong. Because it is NOT Yin and Yang. It is simple Yin Yang [however I separate it with a "-" usually]

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

The symbol is most often time viewed as opposites.  In fact many people will teach it like this. However, while not wrong, it does not represent the true meaning. 

It is looked at like a collection of opposites, like the following examples.

  • Good / Evil
  • Male / female
  • Right / left
  • Positive / negative

But again this is VERY superficial and so really not accurate.  The symbol represents the illusion of "duality" that we live in, within this reality we call life. What does this mean? That one cannot exist without the other. PERIOD

Therefore duality is an illusion.

You cannot have good without evil. Positive without negative and male without female. No matter what political agenda says otherwise.  They are inseparable!

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Contrary to what people like to think opposites do not attract. Why is that? Because they are inseparable to begin with! As an example if you wipe out all the men on the planet, the human race will soon become extinct along with it. And no science will stop this! The same for female! One cannot exist without the other. 

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Like attracts like, and then turns into the same whole once again.  So now lets look at this and the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu.

So in self defense there is a particular way in which we need to look at the Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory, and that is by "order & chaos."

Order obviously is peace, and chaos obviously is violence.  That is the experience of the reality we live in and therefore it will never change. It is how nature functions, so it will always remain with us. 

Today we are in a time of chaos, OK, better "approaching" chaos due to the proliferation of "extreme" political and religious ideological views. You can see this in the Yin - Yang symbol also!  But it will, over time swing back to more order than chaos.  It always done!

But my guess is not for a while! 

Where does Kyusho Lie?

So where does Kyusho Jitsu lie on the Yin-Yang symbol? The same place that your life should lie. One the "S" curve between the 2 sides of the whole.  One foot in order and the other in chaos. In other words, in BALANCE

This is where self defense must lie to be successful, and for life to have real meaning also. This is the place of NOT being affected or pulled into either extreme.  The middle ground.

When you are here, in the middle you are not sucked into the conflict, you do not take it personally. You respond, not react.

It is only an experience you are having.  Now a word of suggestion here too. Do not over think this!  Don't look at it as some Karmic life lesson. It just is life!

It is a whole, not separate

Next we need to look at the attacker as a whole. Not separate parts. Being that the Yin-Yang applies to everything,  When you "attack" one part of the body, the whole is affected. Often times fighters do not realize this.  That is why there is so much "head hunting" in boxing.  When a properly executed strike to leg point SP-11 will cause a knockout. 

How does Yin-Yang Apply?
Yin & Yang in Self Defense

Yin & Yang in Self Defense

As Bruce Lee said, "be water my friend."  When they attack, you defend, when they advance you contract.  You first complete the Yin-Yang, then move to the 3rd stage and take control, ending the conflict. 

Honestly most people will not get this. They will state that it is more irrelevant theory. And that is OK. Most people today are not ready for this.  You will know them when you meet them. They are the ones not listening, but waiting only to talk.

The Yin-Yang of Attack
Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

As you might know, or have guessed the body is constructed of Yin-Yang.  We have 12 meridians in the body. 6 of them Yin and 6 of them yang. Each element has an Yin-Yang pair. Each organ, and area of the body is either Yin or Yang. But as in the symbol, this is a predominance, not an absolute! 

Here is an article specifically on using the Kyusho Jitsu Principle of Yin and Yang in self defense.  But I will elaborate more now. 

OK I can ONLY go so deep into this. But here is a beginning breakdown of this powerful theory and principle. When someone attacks you they are in a predominance of YANG state. Therefore you must be YIN.  You help them to complete the cycle, being Yin before they become Yin. 

What you will be next depends on them. If they remain YANG, let's say they missed as an example with the strike, then your next move/strike will be a YIN STRIKE.  Like attracts like and so to have an devastating effect you remain this way.

Now if the attacker is hurt during his initial movements then he or she will become YIN, which means you become YANG.  Follow?

Don't worry if you don't! But once you understand this FULLY it is also the "KEY" to conflict resolution also! 

Confused? Don't be!
Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

Believe it or not this is a Novice Kyusho Jitsu Principle. However it is also a cornerstone principle that holds up the study as part of the foundation. This is in my teaching a intermediate to advanced look at Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory.

But I can give you a more detailed and hopefully an easier to understand explanation.  

Follow the link below and learn about the 10 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu Video Series that I have. There is one that goes into great details on the application of the Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory.

OK so each video in the series sells for $25! But I am going to give you a great opportunity to get ALL 10 Videos, including the Yin and Yang Principle for ONLY $47!


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Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Understanding Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory
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