3 Effective Pressure Points of the Arms

3 Effective Pressure Points of the Arms

3 Effective Pressure Points of the Arms

3 Effective Pressure Points of the Arms

What are the Top 3 MOST Effective Pressure Points of the Arms? The arms are critical in self defense because this is what the attacker brings forward first! Therefore a solid understanding of the most effective Pressure Points of the arms is a must!

When I say effective pressure points I am referring to the ones that work on the MAJORITY of people tested. Nothing in self defense can be guaranteed. Even if you have a gun there is no guarantee, ever!!

Large Intestine 10
How Pressure Points Work

Large Intestine 10

This is an outstanding pressure point, located on the upper part of the forearm near the elbow. This is a STRIKE point, however you can also "press" on it, but I personally do not recommend that in a self defense situation. 

This Pressure Point is struck straight through like an arrow.  Note the "through!" You hit this point HARD, striking through  towards the ground.  There is no "light touch" for pressure points. Always remember light is for training and therefore not hurting your partner. The streets are DIFFERENT!

When this point is hit hard there is intense pain, and the hand will open slowly as the pain shoots towards it. The entire arm will go numb from the elbow to the hand. Any weapon will be DROPPED. The effect can last 10 to 20 minutes depending on how hard and clean the hit is. But always assume a short recovery time! 

Lung 6
Lung Meridian

Lung 6 Location

This is another very effective pressure point located on the inside of the arm halfway between the elbow and hand on the thumb side.  This point, located mid radial bone works on everyone I have ever tried it one. This is why it is such an effective pressure point.

Striking all pressure points and getting a good results means you need to be using 2 Way Action. Below is a short video demonstrating both Lung 6 and 2 Way action. 

Also note, the tighter the grip, the more painful the result! There is also something else very interesting about this pressure point. If the attacker has any chronic lung issues, striking this point will cause them to cough. Therefore telling you more about them and potential attack points. 

Triple Warmer 11
Triple Warmer Meridian

Triple Warmer Meridian

This is the last of the 3 most effective pressure points of the arms and it is one of my favorites. This point also works on everyone I have ever tried it on! I also had the occasion many, many years ago to use it in self defense. This was an incident in 2007 in Caracas Venezuela at the airport. The result was a fleeing attacker with a dislocation of the elbow.

Now this pressure point is located just above the elbow joint at the tendon.  The best result will come when the hand is twist so the palm is in the same direction as the elbow, exposing the point more clearly. However a hard strike will compensate for the hand position. Striking or rubbing this point will cause the elbow to release making dislocation easy. 

Here is another short video explaining how to active this point!

This is a VERY effect pressure point therefore caution is needed during training as to not dislocate your training partners elbow. Always train safely!

Effective Pressure Points

The arms have several other very effective pressure points you can use, but this is a great start! Some of the others are TW-12 and PC-02.  There are also some great setup pressure points like PC-6. But I will leave those for another day! Here is a link also to another great article on the 3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points.  

There is a lot to learn in the science of Pressure Point Self Defense called Kyusho Jitsu. If you like the charts I have used here follow this link and you can get a copy of the 12 meridians plus the 2 Vessels. These are also printable! 

Are you ready for more?

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Have a great weekend!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Learn the 3 Most Effective Pressure Points of the Arms for Self Defense
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Learn the 3 Most Effective Pressure Points of the Arms for Self Defense
What are the 3 Most Effective Pressure Points of the Arms that can be used in real street self defense. Learn where they are, and how to attack them for optimum results! End the THREAT FAST!
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