Self Defense & Terror Attacks [Toronto]


​Self Defense & Terror Attacks [Toronto]

Self Defense & Terror Attacks [Toronto]

Self Defense & Terror Attacks [Toronto]

The topic of Self Defense & Terror Attacks is a complicated one.  As I am sure you are now aware there was a "terror" attack on Yonge Street North in Toronto [North York] on Monday April 23rd. A man drove a white van down the sidewalk kill 10 and injuring another 15 at the last count. Here is a link to CTV News regarding this attack. 

Could something have been done?

From the information available thus far most likely nothing could have been done to prevent this. At least as far as I have seen there is little to no talk about "social media" clues of him having issues. But it is really beyond the scope of this blog to find answers to these complicated questions.

But there is one thing we can say!

The man was seriously mentally ill. And this is becoming a BIG problem.  Whether it is a radical religious or political view, or the man was just homicidal because of personal issues, the result would have been the same. What can we do? Outlaw vans? No we need personal solutions for the other times these things happen.

Knife attacks last night.

Toronto is a big city. About 2.7 million people these days. It is a beautiful city too! Being that I am Canadian, from Windsor Ontario I have spent a lot of time in Toronto. I love the city!  In a city that size and with the stats for crime in Canada there was likely a knife attack.

We can't stop a van, but a knife?

The only thing you can do when someone is coming at you with a truck is get out of the way. But there are skills the martial artist can acquire for the "one on one" situations including knife attacks. And yes Kyusho Jitsu is part of this scenario.

First I will tell you that there are many things martial artists believe about knife defense that is simply not true. So I refer you to an article written by a police officer about this sunject. Here is a link to read more.

There are no guarantees

Successful self defense has no guarantees! In fact there are no guarantees in life. However you can prepare for as many situations as possible. That is part of what martial arts training is supposed to be about. This is why in my teaching I cover a broad base, and relate it all back to the science of pressure point self defense [Kyusho Jitsu].

The entire idea or process behind martial arts training is to not just prepare the body for self defense situations, but also prepare the mind.  Doing this will always increase your odds, and increasing odds is all we can do!


In order to be successful in self defense one must prepare the mind! This requires some very specific training, and most of all "thinking" to get the jobs done. This link here will send you to my Kyusho Jitsu eBook website where your can grab a FREE copy of the first chapter of my Psychology of Self Defense eBook. Click here to download now.

Preparing the Mind

​I hope you read the article linked above on the 13 Misconceptions of a Knife Attack because it far more likely this type of Self Defense & Terror Attack situation will happen then a van coming at you. Chance favors the prepared mind, and we need to training hard and remain vigilant in our training.

Today the world is an unpredictable place, and self defense needs to be taken very seriously. The good news is that adding the science of pressure point self defense to your current system of training will enhance everything you do. And increase your effectiveness, thus your odds of success.

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Yours in the arts.
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense & Terror Attacks [Toronto]
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Self Defense & Terror Attacks [Toronto]
In self defense there are no guarantees, but there are ways to improve your odds of success.
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