Fact! Pressure Point Self Defense WORKS


​Pressure Point Self Defense WORKS

Pressure Point Self Defense

​Pressure Point Self Defense
H.P.P.T Class in Canada

The fact is Pressure Point Self Defense WORKS! Plan and simple, however you do have to know what you are doing in order to make it work.  Today I am going to give you a true life personal example.

There was a BIG party being held at a local pub back in 2011 I believe it was. They were relocating to a new place down the road. This was closing day for the old one, and so there was a celebration. I joined my son at about 7:00pm there for dinner, and spend the evening with a few drinks and some friends. It was a great time!

A Disruptive Person

We all know that alcohol consumption tends to have 2 effects. It makes the person and happy and silly, or angry and miserable. In this case it made a man there, lets call him Tom a little on the aggressive side.

I was sitting at a big table late in the evening with Tom beside me. There were about 12 people at this particular table. As things often due the subject turned political. I hate when this happens because politics can turn a good man or woman stupid, especially when booze is in the picture.

Tom was arguing with a young woman across the table, she said something that set him off. He stood up and reached across the table for her. Yeah he is a ​piece of crap, but there is a story to that too!

What Happened Next

So what happened next was I stood and redirected Tom's ​right hand towards me, which was open and ​took a finger lock,  very easily with his index finger. From here my left hand went in for support, and I pressed on PC-6, while applying low pressure to the lock, enough cause pain and control him. He screamed and I told him "firmly" to sit his ass down NOW!

Finger Lock

Finger Lock

I then told him very strongly "Tom you don't want to do this, because if you do it again I am going to throw you through that F***ing window." Tom was then told by management it was time to go home. They put him a taxi and no one say him for several months.  

FACT Pressure Point Self Defense WORKS!

​Bad Situation Contained

Now this could have very easily become a police matter. Perhaps it should have. But I really did not want a nice evening destroyed by one drunk, especially over a stupid political discussion.​​​​​ What controlled the​​​​ situation was Humane Pressure Point Tactics, a dedicated serious training to understand and control "bad" situations. Therefore keeping them from getting worse!

Without the training I had, this confrontation may have gone very bad, resulting is serious injury, to Tom not me, and police involvement.  The best part was about a year later Tom and I sat and had a drink together. I had a beer and he had a virgin drink. Tom stopped drinking. Nice end to things for all concerned.

Understanding Escalation

Understanding how and why situations escalate is a critical part of serious self defense training. ​​Most of all being able to control a bad situation before ​they gets worse.  ​And then because of this understanding being able to switch gears with the appropriate force necessary to deal with ​any escalation.  

From what I see in the wild few martial artists understand this. Even fewer can apply it!

This is where Humane Pressure Point Tactics come into play!

​Getting a Proper Pressure Point Education

You can look at self defense and threat at several different levels. But lets just look at 3 for the moment.

  1. Low escalation, which is what I described above.
  2. Medium escalation, which is approaching serious and requires a FAST resolution.  The best solution being a Neurological Knockout.
  3. Serious, which is life and death and requires very specific training to handle.

In a later articles I will discuss the other 3.  However for your reading pleasure take a look at this article on the 13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks written by a real former Detroit police officer.

However back on topic today we are talking about dealing with the low escalation and how pressure point self defense can help you to handle these kinds of situations. Beginning in June of this year we are going to be offering very specialize training course at Kyusho Jitsu University.

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

There will be a total of 3 Levels of what is called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. Below is a link so you can learn more about this very special training. The exact system I used in the example true story above!

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Have a great weekend!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Fact! Pressure Point Self Defense WORKS
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Fact! Pressure Point Self Defense WORKS
The fact is that Pressure Point Self Defense WORKS. But it does require you to do the study and the training. Read about a real life situation here!
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