5 Most Important Pressure Points [Striking]

Pressure Points of the Head

Pressure Points of the Head

​5 Most Important Pressure Points

Today I want to talk about the 5 Most Important Pressure Points for striking when it comes to Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense. Now before I get into this deeper I want to talk about an article I saw yesterday on Wikipedia. The reason is that Wikipedia does not care about accuracy, as they accept authority from those who do not know. ​ 

One reason for the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu!

The ​article I saw was that pressure points do not need to be hit hard. ​This is false! They need to be hit hard.  But not when working with an Uki. But you can see the massive amount of misinformation that is out there! I have offer to fix these articles, but received no response.

But on to the 5 Most Important Pressure Points!

1) Large Intestine 10 [Li-10]

How Pressure Points Work

​Large Intestine 10

The reason I have chosen this as the first pressure point is because it is an arm point. Since the arms come forward during any attack LI-10 becomes critical. This pressure point is struck in and down using 2 Way Action like an arrow. It causes great pain and for the hand to go numb and open. Very useful for ​dealing with an attacker holding a weapon. 

2) Stomach 5 [ST-05]

Pressure Points of the Head

Pressure Points of the Head

This is everyone's favorite pressure point because it is a great knockout point. You need to hit it correctly to get the result however. This point is hit up towards the far side of the skull, again using 2 Way Action. One some people depending on the structure of the jaw the nerve can be somewhat hidden. While on other people it is hyper exposed. This point works very well on about 80 percent of the people I have tested it on.

​3) Gall Bladder 20 [GB-20]

Learn Pressure Point Knockouts

Learn Pressure Point Knockouts

This is another favorite knockout point for many practitioners of the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu. It is found at the back of the head, as per the diagram above. You can also see where this point lies with reference to the Greater Occipital Nerve. This nerve among other things protects the integrity of the head to the spinal column. Thus making this a very effect pressure point if hit correctly. You strike in and up towards the far side of the skull, using 2 Way Action. Therefore making GB-20 one of the most important pressure points.

4) Spleen 11 [SP-11]

Kyusho Setup Points

​Spleen Meridian

Next on our list of important pressure points is SP-11. This point is located on the Yin side of the leg, halfway between the groin and the knee. It is hit straight in like an arrow to the other side. On​ a heavy person, with their weight on this leg it will release the knee, causing the person to fall depending on weight distribution and dislocate the knee. This pressure point can also be used to cause a knockout under ​certain conditions. Please follow this link to learn more about Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts and how they work. 

Kyusho Setup Point Spleen 6

Kyusho Setup Point Spleen 6

5) Spleen 6 [SP-06]

Located about 2 inches above the ankle bone on the inside of the leg SP-06 is another important pressure point.  It can be used to bring an attacker down very quickly if struck when they have the majority of their weight on the foot in question. On a heavy person this can cause the ankle to shatter during the fall.

​The pressure points chosen for this article are because of their relative ease of access for most martial arts styles. They do not represent by any means the most deadly of pressure points. I will cover that is another article. Here is a link to another article on understanding Pressure Point attack angle and direction

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Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

5 Most Important Pressure Points [Striking]
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5 Most Important Pressure Points [Striking]
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