Art of Self Defense


​The Art of Self Defense

Art of Self Defense

​Art of Self Defense

What is meant by the Art of Self Defense? This is a term that refers to martial arts training, learning and practicing an "art form" that can also be used in self defense. However today this has lost much of its meaning. Therefore becoming a big issue.

The best defense is not a good offense! That is a sport term, and does not apply to the street! There is an old saying "it is not what you do not know that is a problem, it is the things you think you know that are not true." These are wise words! In a real street attack you can NOT stand your ground and battle it out! That can very quickly get you killed. And I don't care WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE, it is just not true! Many times as the attacker encounters difficulty a knife comes out that you do not see, and it is FINISHED. The idea of battling it out it just your ego talking. Save that for a ring.

Be Safe FIRST!

The most important thing in any attack is first to identify the problem, then to most to a save position so you can do one of two things. These are:

  1. Flee if possible. There is NO glory in a battle!
  2. Attack if required and END the conflict IMMEDIATELY!

Those are your only 2 logical options. Beyond this it is a police matter.  As for the first option there is an ancient method of movement in the art of self defense. It is a natural movement study and VERY effective! I know I have used it! I will link below more information on this for you.

The next step is to end the conflict by attacking the neurological and obtaining an knockout. The guy, or girl won't revert to a knife, or use one if they are unconscious! And all of this information fits into your current art form without big changes! Just new options!

Here are 2 great options for you to look at!

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Have a great weekend!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Art of Self Defense
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Art of Self Defense
When it comes to the Art of Self Defense it is not the things you don't know that are a problem, but the things you think you know that simply are not true.
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Kyusho Jitsu World
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