Kyusho Angle and Direction


Kyusho Angle and Direction

Kyusho Angle and Direction

Kyusho Angle and Direction

In the study of pressure points, it is important that the correct Kyusho angle and direction be used. Now this is not as straight forward as it may appear to be. So let me explain a little.

Angle is the easy part. The correct “angle “ of attack for any pressure point on the body is 45 degrees.  However were people get into trouble is the direction of the strike.

Direction Varies

Therefore the correct direction for a point being attacked with VARY from point to point. This is where people get into trouble.  As an example LU-6 is struck down towards the hand, using 2 Way action.  If you hit it straight down like an arrow, with 2 Way Action you will NOT get the result.

Large Intestine 10 is struck straight down with 2 Way Acton. If you strike it towards the hand you will not get the proper result. What does this tell you?

Therefore you need to do memory work!

Which Points are Best?

So this is a great question. I can list off a dozen or more points I love! But these will vary somewhat from root art to root art. So take a look at your self defense system, and see what areas you routinely hit. From here you can choose which points you like, then find out the details for direction. Consequently by working this way you won’t need to make many changes in your currently system. Hence you will see what points are available to you.

Need Help?

Most of all if you find you need some help, or have a question about the angle and direction of any points feel free to email me. I can be reached at

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Kyusho Angle and Direction
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Kyusho Angle and Direction
Understanding the correct way to hit a pressure point.
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