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Kyusho Jitsu Certification Course!


Pressure Points Canada

Have you ever had difficulty getting your self defense techniques to work on larger, strong opponents? Does it frustrate you when others do it so easily? Would you like to know the ancient secrets of the Masters, and why everything is so easy for them?
Honestly, I think ever martial artist from white belt to grand master has had this thought enter their heads. Will my training work when I really need it? I know there was a time in the late 90’s, as I was getting older I was worried about the same thing. Much of today’s martial arts training is also based on you always being in the best possible shape you can be in. But lets face it, LIFE GETS IN THE WAY!!

Read MORE on how this new Beginners Kyusho Jitsu Certification Course Can help you!

RMATC – Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp


Pressure Points Canada

In July of 2017 there will be a very special weekend in Brasov Romania. This is the RMATC or Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp. It will be primarily a pressure point /kyusho weekend, but there will be some other surprises as well!

If you are interest in knowing more and possibly attending this camp, please follow this FB link, like the page, but also add your name to the attending or interested list. There will be more information in the weeks and months to come!


Beginners Pressure Point Certification Course



Dear Students,

Have you ever had difficulty getting your self defense techniques to work on larger, strong opponents? Does it frustrate you when others do it so easily? Would you like to know the ancient secrets of the Masters, and why everything is so easy for them?

I you feel that I way understand, I have felt that way before too. I spent years working on techniques that I just could not get to work on a consistent basis, and never against larger, stronger partners. Then I discover the art of Kyusho Jitsu.

What is Kyusho Jitsu? Kyusho is the art of the pressure point system of the human body. Based on Chinese Medicine and the 12 meridian of the body, Kyusho teaches you how to manipulate the pressure points of the body to get the maximum result, with less effort in all your techniques.
How do you learn Kyusho Jitsu?

Kyusho Jitsu is only touched upon in our classes, but anyone who would like to learn and certify in this amazing art can do so by attending a 12 month course, held at our Windsor School each month.
What advantages are there for you in learning more about Kyusho?

• It will make your techniques work every time!
• Smaller students will be able to make techniques work on large opponents
• Older students will feel younger because Kyusho is a science applied to your art, without stress.
• As you study it will help keep you light years ahead of your piers.
• Teaches you how to really use your patterns!
• Find the ‘Hidden Secrets’ inside your patterns.

How do you get started?
Easy! Our Beginners Kyusho Pre-College Course being held on Friday December 18th at 7:30pm. This workshop is open to all adult students, regardless of rank. At this pre-college you will learn some Kyusho basics as well as get all the information on the upcoming certification course starting in January 2016. Don’t miss out! This will be the last opportunity for a year.

Yours in the arts,

Master Art Mason
Founder Art Masons’ Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute

Pressure Points and Striking Action Part 1


Pressure Points Canada

In this the first video of 5 on striking actions we will take a look at the action of “slapping.” No people this is NOT slapping someone’s face. If you have any questions after you, and after you try it out, add them to the comments section here!.

Pressure Point Study



Pressure Point Study, when done correctly is complex and has a big learning curve. But the results are well worth all the effort. In this article is pictured one sides of one of our study aids, call Kyusho Essentials. Click the link below to get more inflammation and order this essential product to enhance your study!


Order Pressure Point Essentials

Masters Pressure Point eBook



NEWLY REVISED!!!  This is an excellent interactive tool to help advanced level pressure point student master the art.

When I say interactive I mean it is linked with about 60 minutes of video explanations of what the book is talking about. These references and example will help take you to a new level of understanding!

Now for July 2016 this book has been revised and updated to include some amazing things! For more information follow the link below!



The X or Crossover Stance


Pressure Points Canada

The last stance we will look at in this series is the crossover or X Stance. In this video you can see how it can be used in an effective manner. Please subscribe to our channel also so we can bring you more great FREE content!

Fire Stances


Pressure Points Canada

One of the most basic stances in martial arts is the forward stance. However it does have an important role to play in the use of pressure points. Watch this video to learn more!

You can learn even more about stances and other aspects of pressure point usage with our ebooks. Check the out!!

How Stances Work


Pressure Points Canada

I have seen many articles in martial art publications over the years on how stances are a waste of time etc, etc. The truth is many of today’s systems and instructors are clueless as to why stances are so important. Over the next few days I will link you up with some video on how this important aspect to martial art and pressure point training really works.

Pressure Point Knockout Basics Part 6


Pressure Points Canada

In  this next series of videos I will show you the basic of doing neurological pressure point knockouts.  In Part 6 – The setup. Please post in the comments section here with any questions you may have.

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