Pressure Point Study Aids

Pressure Points Canada

The study of pressure points is a complex one.  A few years ago we introduced a simply study aid with all the information you could ever need in one place. Now we are offering it once again! Simply purchase, download and print on one sheet of paper on both sides. I suggest having it laminated.  What is in this great aid?

  • Meridian Charts
  • Elements
  • Colours
  • Points
  • Cycles
  • and much more!!

These fantastic charts are only $10 Canadian

Click the corresponding Paypal link to purchase. You will receive a download link shortly after your purchase depending on time of day.

Purchase in Canadian Funds below

2 thoughts on “Pressure Point Study Aids”

  1. Dear grand master mason
    Humble respect my Friend
    How are you?been a while now I am
    Glad to still be ur friends !ok?
    Hope to study with you if I’m allowed ?ok!

    Humble respect
    Daniel Mcquaigue

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