Using the Cycle of Destruction Part 3

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We we move on this this video series on the principle known as The Cycle of Destruction we see the third in the initial series on this. Cycle of Destruction is the basic building block for your pressure point study. The better you know and understand how this work the more effective you will become.

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Meridian Theory and Energy Workshop

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Meridian Theory and Energy Workshop The actually class was 2.5 hours long but the students practicing the information had been removed to save some time.

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Using the Cycle of Destruction in Self Defense Part 2

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The Cycle of Destruction is one of the first basic principles you learn in pressure point study.  The cycle is as below:

  • Fire melts metal
  • Metal chops wood
  • Wood penetrates earth
  • Earth dams water
  • Water quenches fire

In order to understand this cycle you must first understand the meridians of the body and there corresponding elements. This knowledge goes back to healing arts that are thousands of years old. I hope you enjoy the video!

Using the Cycle of Destruction in Self Defense

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The video featured here is an example of being able to apply the Cycle of Destruction in a self defense situation and technique. This does require time and training. Always remember the PURPOSE of martial arts training is not for a quick fix in self defense. Honestly if I wanted a quick fix I would carry a 9mm.

Martial arts training takes time, gross motor skills are refined until they become second nature. There are self defense system out there that do offer fast learning, but they are not martial arts.I hope you enjoy the video, bit most I hope you love the journey!

What is Chi??


The great CHI controversy, what is chi, does it even exist. Well simply put chi is electro magnetic energy created by induction from the bodies nervous system. If you have nay back ground in electronics you will understand the concept i am referring too. It is also sometimes referred to as an aura.

This energy which everyone has and is not the least bit mystical can be controlled, built and manipulated to improvise your health and well being. Below is a short video on how to feel and create a “chi ball” in your hands. Also please help us out by subscribing to our channel and “liking” our videos. If you are closed minded please click this link.

Welcome to Pressure Points Canada

Pressure Points Canada

Welcome to Pressure Points Canada New Blog – I have replaced our old website with this new one. This site will feature free video and articles for those wishing to know more about the pressure point systems. There will also be different DIGITAL products for sale, such as ebooks and courses.

The purpose of this site is to educate, not habd out black belt ranks. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, please just leave your questions as comments.

Enjoy the new site and have a great journey on your pressure point education.

Master Art Mason

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