Would you Trade Your Martial Arts Education for a Million Dollars?

At the Muhammad Ali Training Camp 2010

At the Muhammad Ali Training Camp 2010

That is what I am asking. If you were offered 1,000,000 dollars right now, but all the knowledge you have of the martial arts would be gone, would you trade?

My answer is NO. I would not even consider it!

For some they would, but I think a lot of you would say NO too.

With this in mind, do you continue to learn, spend money on yourself and your development? Or have you stopped?

Now I am  not selling anything here, just making you think. One of the best ways to further your education is to attend as many seminars as you can reasonably afford to do.

I am going to work in the fear future on our Kyusho Jitsu World Blog to make a list of the various seminars around the globe you may wish to check into!

So watch for it and have a great day!




Understanding How to Make Kyusho Jitsu Work – Part 3

LU-7 and TW-11

LU-7 and TW-11

“I do not fear a man who know 10,000 techniques, I fear the man who has done 1 technique 10,000 times.”

Our world, or the expectation of it has become “instant” everything. Have you forgotten, if you are a real martial artist, what you put into your training? I have been teaching for30 plus years now and I have seen more people come and go then I want to.

And there is an interesting trend too. The natural athlete, the one techniques come easy too, they all QUIT. The ones who have to work for it, are the life timers like myself. I am NOT natural at anything!

Kyusho Jitsu is not like “root” styles of martial arts, it is not as much about training the body as it is training the mind. That is why I don’t tell someone how to do a punch or a knife hand. This has nothing to do with Kyusho. And to be honest, only the hard working will succeed. Not the “natural.”

You must train the principles of kyusho one by one into the subconscious mind. There is no other way. You cannot do it with doubt, we see those people in every art and they quit.

To train in Kyusho, you train your technique with a principle and you do it consciously until you can stop thinking about it! When you are there move on to the next and do it over and over again until it is part of you!

Then you will see GREAT SUCCESS!



Understanding How to Make Kyusho Jitsu Work – Part 2

Be a White Belt Again

Be a White Belt Again

In this part of the secrets to making Kyusho Jitsu work I am going to explain one of the most important principles!

And this applies to everything in general really!


I don’t care if you are a white belt or a root master. To be successful in this type of system you must become a white belt again and learn / apply everything!

When your ego is in the way, you are defeating your own progress! Here are some samples of the things I have heard over the years.

  • In my system we do it this way
  • I don’t want to know the principles, just show me results!
  • I think it is fake, but my students talked me into checking it out
  • I already know what I am doing
  • That won’t work in my style
  • etc, etc, etc

There is nothing more awesome then learning! And in my view many great martial artists miss the boat because they won’t accept they don’t know everything.

I once invited a 10th Dan to a seminar I was part of in Toronto. His reply was “i don’t attend seminars, I give them!”

I still attend seminars.

Have a great day!

Understanding how to Make Kyusho Jitsu Work – Part 1



Everything is thought, if you do not believe that then click the link below:

More Info2

Now on to the topic. Back many years ago I did a knockout of an 18 year old student kicking SP-11 on the inner leg, this persons right leg. Simple front kick, about 1/3 power. He passed out very HARD. It was rough bringing him back.

So how did this happen? I actually took the video down because I got tire of the morons screaming “fake”.

First SP-11 is a knockout point. It is located at the center of the leg, inner thigh. The nerve here monitors the femur and femoral artery.

It is very common, and you can ask any para-med or doctor for a person to pass out when the femur is broken, or a person with a broken femur is moved.  Don’t take my word for it, ASK an MD.

Now it takes a decent strike to do this. I did not kick very hard becasue I did not want to damage my student’s leg!

So why did it work?

I brought his right arm across center line to the left side of the body.

So, why does this work? Because the SUBconscious mind is now confused and is search for the missing body part. If the right hand was to touch the left side of the body this would not work, it will work if they arms are crossed touching also.

If you need to understand better try different things yourself by crossing the arms of your Uki.

That is it for now! Have a great Friday everyone!


Pressure Points Canada, we are still here!


Pressure Points Canada

Hey everyone, sorry for my absence the last few days / weeks. Life has been very busy and so I have not been posting very much.

But things are getting back to normal so the posts will pickup once again!

There is still a lot of things going on at Pressure Points Canada as well as Kyusho Jitsu World!

So or the moment I am going to send you to Kyusho Jitsu World blog for our last Vidcast

Have a great day!

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How do I integrate Kyusho Jitsu with my root art?


Closeup of male karate fighter hands.

The question of the day. How do I integrate the study of Kyusho into my own style?

The short answer, look at your Kata!

Kata holds many of the keys to all of the movement you are practicing. And there is never any wasted motion, it all has some meaning to it.

Now I cannot tell you step by step how to do it. I am not there. If I was there with you I could relate it more directly.

What you need to do is open your mind, and see possibilities within the movement. Often we examine things very superficially, then say “that is not realistic.”

Everything is realistic, everything is possible. It is all about movement and nothing else! it is only your current mindset or view that is the problem.

“I tried it, it didn’t work.”

The mantra of every loser since the dawn of man!

Open your mind, take a look at your movement and think at the same time about what pressure points could be hit, but parts of my body am I hitting with. What meridians are there. What about elements?

When you do a whole new world comes into view!

Remember “if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.”


Kyusho Jitsu and Becoming Clinical – The Art of Self Defense



Wanna learn Kyusho Jitsu and MAKE IT WORK?

Check your ego at the door!

It has been said by the people I have worked with, taught, done seminars for, that my knowledge of Kyusho Jitsu is clinical. Actually so is my knowledge of my root art.

What does that mean? I do it, train in it, teach it without my ego being in the way. It is ok to be passionate, but it is not personal.

They always say beware the quiet ones. I am one of the quiet ones. I don’t brag of my accomplishments. I am outspoken when the time is right, but I don’t force anyone to listen.

I teach with great passion, but if something goes wrong, does not work, I just laugh. It does not matter because nothing is ever 100%.

Want Kyusho to work for you? Follow these simply rules.

  • Love learning
  • Learn all you can from anywhere you can
  • be passionate, but not obsessed
  • Don’t take failure personally
  • Approach self defense without emotions.

That is all for now! Have a great weekend everyone!

The Fragmentation of Kyusho Jitsu


Man in white kimono training karate

Like anything in the martial arts world, fragmentation occurs. Look at what happened to American Kenpo after the death of Grand Master Parker, or Tae Kwon Do after the passing of General Choi.

It is the norm, and Kyusho has certainly had it share!

The rumours abound of the retirement of Grand Master George DIllman, the founder of DKI.  But many years ago after some infighting there was a major split in the organized, and they splits in those. It is just part of life. People disagree and move on to other ways and other things.

It is all very good actually, it mean growth, and growth benefits everyone.

I was never a member of DKI, but I am a DKI Black Belt. I did not see an advantage for me in joining. I am a member of KIA, which is affiliated with DKI and I am happy and proud to be a member. But I have been doing my own thing a very long time.

Why? It is about growth and development.

I have my own idea on how things should be done, and so I explore that.  However all of this is very beneficial for the students. Because it mean growth, and growth is what it is all about!

I do encourage people to look at more then on way, one options. There is some amazing Kyusho out there and many different ideas on how things should be!

Learn always!


What martial art is best, does Kyusho work?



Being that we are in the 21st century I am surprised with all our technology how closed minded people still are today. I remember the SCI/FI shows back in the late 60’s and people laughing at the things they saw. Yet today everyone reading this likely has a smart phone.

People believe the things the media says about anything. If I saw it on Facebook it must be true right? Well guess what, it is most likely not truth or contains a small amount of truth.

So, the question, which martial art is best? Despite what the huge egos in the martial arts world want to think, none are best.

There is no better style or way. It is the practitioner of the art and only him or her. In the comedy of Master Ken there is truth. Your style is BULLSHIT.

Only the artist is the real thing.

People will make negative comments on some of my stuff on FB or Linkedin or what ever. It makes me happy because I see from that, and the VAST majority of positive how good I am as a marketer.

But the truth is if you believe Kyusho will work, you are right it will. I know it will. Because I have faith in MYSELF, and so do you.

If you think Kyusho won’t work you are right too. Because you lack an open mind and belief in yourself. Sorry dude, it is fact!

The only difference between and bum on the street and a billionaire is the way they think.  Now don’t forget to get angry (triple warmer) and post negative stuff. I need you to prove my point! LOL

For those of you who are hear to learn I thank you sincerely! I have many reason to do this and yes making money is one of them. But hey you go to work right? That is the nature of our world.

Another reason is to help people see things in a different light. Make them think! Imagine how the world would be if people actually did that? WOW

Have a great week!


Can you use sound in self defense? Is this REAL? Or BS?



Using sound in self defense? Is this real or is this BS? Good question! First lets take a look at sound and the human body.

Back in 1997 my oldest son and I went to a Metallica concert in Detroit Michigan.  Now aside from the fact that the show was AMAZING, there was a sign at the entrance to anyone who is pregnant that they would not be allowed in and their ticket refunded.


The heavy BASS in the their show could cause a person to go into labour. Therefore sound affects the body!

Have you ever listened to music and felt great after or during? How about feeling BAD or ANGRY? Certainly! Yep, there are people insist it cannot be used for any purpose. They are just closed minded!

Many Aikido masters insist O-Sensei used sound in his works. I have no doubt he did!

Personally I have been able to use if very effectively in many situations in the dojo. I have not personally tried in on the street, because I tend to want to avoid those situations! I have had enough of them to last me a lifetime!

Now for the non believer, you are right because you will always get what you believe, what your personal limits are, so ROCK ON!

For the rest of us, if the idea of using sound in self defense holds any interest to you, then pursue it! I do have a little video on the topic of sound and colour you may find helpful. But if not that is cool too!

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