The Reason I say No Touch cannot be used in Real Life


When it comes to self defense you have to weed out what is real from what is propaganda, and there is a lot of propaganda. Back several years ago I saw back in Canada a segment of a news show with some ISIS training video in it released to the media.

What a joke. If this is how these clowns train their hand to hand fighters, well if the USA decides to put troupes on the ground it will be a short war.  But the general public eats it up because it looks good.

The world of self defense is not just kicking and punching. You have to deal with the rush of hormones within your own body, adrenaline, which causes all sorts of issues like shaking, rapid breathing, loss of the concept of time, and thus timing, and also tunnel vision.

A No Touch Knockout requires tremendous focus. I just don’t see that happening in real life.  Perhaps there are people who can control themselves to this extent, but I don’t know any personally.

Subconscious programming of movement is one thing, the control of the fight or light reflex. But I am not sure about subconscious programming of focus.

So then why do it at all?? Because learning to focus is ALWAYS a good thing! There could be situation where you would have the time and ability to calm down enough to perhaps have some effect. But certainly not in the heat of battle.

One thing, the ability learning no touch gave me was to be able to calm myself more quickly and negotiate better because of it.

No Touch knowledge has its benefits. Time will tell how far it can be taken!


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The Great Truth of Knife Defense


There is no more dangerous weapon in hand to hand combat than the knife. Why? First of all it can change direction, cut from many angles, and is very unforgiving.  Bullets miss, knives rarely do!

There are literally hundreds of different styles of knives, each with strong and weak points as a weapon. But they all share one common trait. If they cut the right place life is over in seconds.  In the hands of a professional trained knife fighter the average person has little to no chance of survival.  But we don’t focus on training for the professional right away. Odds are you will encounter someone pissed off, or desperate (drug addict) with little skill. This is the first step in training.

I have seen some really terrible knife defense over the years. But you have to start somewhere right? The problem is often that after a dozen or so counter techniques most martial arts stop there. Now the combat systems like Systema and Bojuka go in depth with knife defense. But the problem for most martial artist is that it requires re-learning movement they have already become adept at.

It would be better to add to the knowledge you already have, and make that more effective than to reinvent the wheel. That is where Kyusho Jitsu Knife Defense, my upcoming eBook comes in.

This new eBook will include practical information, Kyusho and medical principles, as well as training exercises you can use and incorporate into you current art, system or style. The eBook will include links to download companion video to go with the information in the book.

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New Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Point Video Coming


I have been working on updating a lot of old information these past months. New courses, new video, new eBooks.  There is just not a enough days in the week for me to keep up sometimes.

Very soon, within the next 10 days or so i will be releasing a NEW Video that is seminar footage on the Advanced Principle of Alarm Points.  This is the first part in a series, with the first segment called Alarm Point Basics.

This first video will cover all the basic elements of Alarm Points on the front of the body, and Associated Alarm Points on the back of the body, and how they tie in together.

If you are interested in learning more about this video follow the link below. Yes there is a preorder available!



The Art of Learning Kyusho Jitsu


While I was in Spain last weekend I was very impressed with the level of knowledge many of the attendees have. I was also very impressed at how those with little experience were so very eager and attentive.

Learning is an art in of itself! The attendees too notes non stop during the event, and worked the principles well when it was time to train. I was thrilled!

There are those who believe you can only learn Kyusho in a classroom. However they misunderstand what the pressure point art and science of Kyusho Jitsu really it.

It is not a “martial art,” but a system that works within a martial art. There are no “techniques” but principles and concepts that you learn to apply to your own style to make it much more effective.

Now the best way to learn anything is in a room with a teacher, but that is simply not always possible. I am working hard daily to increase the number of Certified Kyusho Jitsu Teachers in the world, but that takes time.

I have created several distance learning programs to help deal with this matter. The starting point in all of this for the martial art student is our Kyusho jitsu University Gold Membership Program. This is a monthly membership certification course for someone who wished to rank and learn all they can about pressure points. It is a curriculum based structured program with many associated bonuses. Plus no long term commitment either!

The cost of the membership is $29 per month which is a steal considering I charge $75 per month in classroom. But there are many other incredible benefits too!

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Body Knockouts? Real or Fiction. The art of the Neurological Knockout.


Are body knockouts possible? This is a very controversial subject! But the fact is, backed up my medical evidence, is that they are indeed very possible!

Take a look at this old video of an knockout I need on GB24 many years ago.

If you are interested in learning more about how this is possible check out the link below!

Neurological Pressure Points Jitsu Knockout Course


News on the Dim Mak Project


I just wanted to touch base with everyone with regards to what is happening with the Dim Mak Project. Right now I am still in the data collecting stages, make my notes from all the research I have been doing. All this information is compared to each other, and also compared to the direct work I have done to find the common truths versus the folklore about Dim Mak.

Things are still on schedule for the release of the eBook this Fall!

Now the comparative nature of writing this eBook serves a great purpose. I can then give you accurate information, that can be studied and replicated. A few years back I did a personal project on the life of Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes). The historical accounts and folklore were ridiculous. So I did research by comparing the history from the Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, information from Wallachia (Now Romania) and then searched actual historical records from places like Sibiu to see how everything lined up and compared.  After I wrote an eBook account of his life I believe to be the most accurate. But you can see the idea behind the research!

The Dim Mak Project is being done the same way!

For more information on the Dim Mak Project I am going to give you a few links.  Below is the full list including Facebook pages and groups.

If you are curious about my work on Prince Vlad III Dracula follow the link to the Facebook Page.

Have a great weekend!



Understanding Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts


Now with the seminar in Spain behind me I will begin to focus on my next eBook which is on Neurological Pressure Point . Kyusho Jitsu Knockouts. For people involved in the study of Kyusho, and those interested in learning this has always been an area of focus.

What is a Knockout? How does it happen? Are there different kinds of knockouts? The fact is yes there are. Understanding these is also very important in successful self defense! So let’s take a look at these right now.


Caused by blunt trauma to the head resulting in bruising or damage to one or more areas of the brain as it collides with the inside of the skull. This can be caused by heavy impact to the skull such as a martial arts strike, a fall, car accident, etc…


Caused by a short circuit, overload, or imbalance in the central nervous system (involving both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems). This can be using Kyusho Jitsu techniques. It may also be caused by extreme stress, emotions, shock, or extreme trauma to any area of the body (a broken or crushed limb for example). This kind of knockout can also be chemically induced (alcohol, toxins, allergies).


Caused by limiting the oxygen supply to the brain. This can be caused by choking or strangulation involving the air supply, the flow of blood or both. It can also be caused by impact to veins or arteries causing a disruption in the flow of blood, or by dislodging plaque from the arterial walls causing clots. This is one of the reasons why we tend not to do KO’s on persons over the age of 40. Other causes such as stroke, cardio vascular disease and respiratory ailments such as asthma are considered Cardio/Respiratory issues but may also be triggered Neurologically.

If you would like more information on my new eBook coming in about 2 weeks you can follow this link below to learn more!

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Some Seminar Highlights from Benidorm Spain 2017


As I posted yesterday we had a fantastic weekend of Pressure Point Study in Benidorm Spain.  People traveled from as far away as Madrid to attend.

Below is a VERY short video from the seminar. I am currently in the process of compiling a video from the seminar that will likely be about 2 hours in length. Below the video is a link for more information on ordering.

Pre-Order Kyusho Seminar Video Spain 2017


Kyusho Jitsu Seminar in Benidorm Spain


We had a GREAT weekend in Benidorm Spain! I taught the first 10 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu to about 30 attendees and beside the very hot temperatures it was a GREAT event!

I got to meet many very talented and friendly people, from beginners to 10th Dan Grand Master! Everyone had a great time, and made many new friends!

Now the good news is that this event was recorded, and I am going to be making it available for purchase! Cover during this seminar were the following topics!

  • Attack Along the Meridian
  • Attack Using the Cycle of Destruction
  • Attacking Using Yin and Yang
  • Attack Using Correct Body Mechanics
  • Attack with Tempo or Rhythm
  • Attack Using the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
  • Attack Using the Correct Stance
  • Attack  Using Colour
  • Attack Using Sound
  • Attack Using the Cycle of Emotions
  • Plus much more!

As of the writing of the post I am in the process of editing and rendering. I expect there to be about 2 hours of video when completed. The expected release date is Monday June 16th 2017!

As always I am offering a special price for anyone who pre-orders this seminar! The listing price will be $47, but right now you can pre-order for $19.97!

Follow the link below for more information!

10 Principles Seminar in Spain!



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