Pressure Points and Striking Action Part 1

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In this the first video of 5 on striking actions we will take a look at the action of “slapping.” No people this is NOT slapping someone’s face. If you have any questions after you, and after you try it out, add them to the comments section here!.

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So Exactly what is a Pressure Point???

Meridian System Description Chart Male Body

The old time martial arts masters called them nerve strikes, and this is really a very accurate way of putting things. A pressure point refers to a location of a nerve on the body used in acupuncture to heal. We on the other hand use it to cause pain, disable an limb or cause unconsciousness. Let’s examine this further.

For some reason martial artists can be very resistant to learning, especially if it is not within their current style. But that is not why I write this or my problem.  An example would be you can cause a knockout by kicking “correctly” at a pressure point on the leg called Spleen 11.  Now this nerve, which protects the integrity of the femur and more importantly the femoral artery. If this artery were to rupture, death is certain. This is why when someone breaks or even fractures this bone they “pass-out”. There is nothing mystical, it is simply knowledge of the human body and it’s workings.

In order to learn we must open our mind to possibilities. I am hoping this blog and the products we sell will help you to expand your knowledge of yourself and the art you study. Even as a school owner, the learning never stops.

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The X or Crossover Stance

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The last stance we will look at in this series is the crossover or X Stance. In this video you can see how it can be used in an effective manner. Please subscribe to our channel also so we can bring you more great FREE content!

The Second Horse Stance

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There are 2 versions of the horse stance, one toes straight ahead and the 2nd toes out. Today will will discuss the pressure point application of toes out in a horse stance. I hope you enjoy the video!

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The First Horse Stance

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Today we will take a look at the first horse stance, the earth stance. Over the years many so called martial arts experts have stated that stances have no use in combat. That opinion is based on lack of study. I have found over the years that few really understand the purpose of a stance. Actually the word stance is a poor translation. Enjoy the video!

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The Metal Stance

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The 45 Degree Cat Stance is the primary metal stance in pressure point work. In this video we will show you just how to use this stance effectively in any pressure point application. Also please go to our Youtube page, like and comment on our videos. Don’t forget to subscribe too! There will be new content coming very soon!

The other Fire Stance

There are 2 fire stances we are concerned with in using pressure points. The second is usually called the “neutral bo or neutral stance.” In the video below its application is explained.

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Fire Stances

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One of the most basic stances in martial arts is the forward stance. However it does have an important role to play in the use of pressure points. Watch this video to learn more!

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