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The REAL Reason Science Can’t Find Evidence of Chi

They won’t look!

Well here i go! I will make a few (more) enemies with this one! Why can’t science find or prove Chi? The exact same reason they have not cured the common cold, the flu, diabetes, MS, AIDS, Cancer or for that fact anything else in how many years?

A long time ago science was about “progress.” They discovered many, many wonderful ways to improve our lives and cured many BAD diseases like Smallpox. But today it ONLY about FUNDING and PROFITS. There is nothing wrong with those goals, as we all have to live, but these clowns take it to an extreme.

Take a walk though you local pharmacy. How many COLD medicines are there? If they cure it, then all these companies are GONE. Same with the flu and your “free” flu shot the governments pay for. The government overpays for EVERYTHING TOO! I remember one year seeing Obama on TV talking about the new strain of Flu expected and how important the shots where. This was AUGUST, how do they predict this? How does the president predict this? Sounds like lobbying to me!

At one time science was about experimentation to try to prove theories, now they do math to prove theories they cannot prove in real life. And we are told my the authorities it is FACT and so accept it without question! Science is the new world religion!

Chi? Why would they even TRY to prove it? Where is the CASH COW in that? There isn’t one! Plus any scientist who does try to prove it is off the mainstream and will be ridiculed for his efforts. Say goodbye to you job unless you are one of the gang!

Kinda like the guys who say global warming is questionable because even NASA admits no significant change in earths temperature since the 30’s.  Look it up! But how much tax money is made in “carbon taxes?” How does a TAX clean the air? But is makes for great payola doesn’t it Mrs Premier.

Chi exists, it can be control and is a product of “induction” from the electrical system in the human body SCIENCE can’t explain either!

If you are a non believer in Chi, why are you reading this still? If you are a believer take a look at this website. We have some excellent Chi Develop stuff there, much of it free!

The opinions expressed here at those of Grand Master Art Mason, and I approved this post!

Rant off. Rebooting……




The Yin and Yang of Kyusho Jitsu

The Yin/Yang symbol is one of the oldest and most misunderstood of all symbols in the world. It is very much like some of the other sacred symbols, and having it positioned correctly is even important!

The image above is how the symbol is supposed to be. Now this is when people will look and say “yeah right.” Open your mind and try this very simple experiment in your dojo.

Print out this image, right click to save it. The image is public domain so this is legal. After you print it attach it to your Uki the way it is sitting right now.

Have him or her grab your wrist and then strike them gently at ST-05 or any other point you may prefer.  Watch the reaction. Now turn it upside down or sideways and repeat.  You can wait a few minutes for recovery from the first strike also.

Note the HUGE difference in the reaction of the Uki! Make sure you don’t KO him by accident! Symbol like this one have meaning and therefore have energy in them.

Yin and Yang is the second of the 1st 5 Principles of the study of Kyusho Jitsu. I have a excellent video series on this principle I am going to make you a very limited time offer on!

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The “ah ha” Moments of Kyusho Jitsu Study

The study of pressure points, the art and science we call Kyusho Jitsu can be a very big challenge, There is a lot of memory work, well the first year of formal study is almost all memory work. That year was a challenge for me. But I had a great teacher!

After some time of study and some application of the principles things will slowly begin to make sense. Now I am a full time school operator, but no one really knew I was doing this except for my boys. Therefore I had to try things out while I was teaching very clandestinely. At least until I finished and ranked.

But during these times as you are working the principles, yo get these enlighten moment, the AH-HA moments where suddenly a lot of things make sense and WORK.

I had many of these and so have my students. BUT, there is something very important about this time, the ah-ha moment, you need great support, the ability to ask any question, get an answer, and then apply the answer.

This is why I created Kyusho Jitsu University, so that the prospective student can find learning to fit their life and budget.  From free to high level paid courses.

AND personal support from either myself or my certified Kyusho Jitsu Teachers.

I answer emails in pretty decent time, and email is the best method to contact me. My phone number is listed, but TEXT messages are best as I like email can answer during the time I set aside twice a day to do this. With 2000 plus members, I need to structure my time!

BBM is also a good method of contact. My BBM PIN is 2BFC04D2

Whatsapp messenger is a no because I use that exclusively for family and friends, so I won’t respond to unknown numbers.

Now if you are interested in learning more about the exciting world of Kyusho Jitsu simple click the link below!

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New eBook Coming June 1st 2017 – The 15 Principles Of Kyusho Jitsu!

I am finally getting around to my “pet” project. That is a new eBook on the 15 plus 1 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu. I touch on these in all of my Certification Workbooks, however this time I am going to go into deep details on each, and how they relate to one and other.

Back in 2011 I did a very special class with my senior Kyusho Black Belts. It was unfortunately not recorded. I had a white board we I wrote, then copied and implemented.  I gave them everything possible on the 15 principles, plus the big secret.

The 2nd Dan’s looked like Masters.

Now I am going to share it with you! Please watch this video below.

Follow this LINK to READ MORE about this exciting new book and learn about the special pre-order price!



Become Immune to the “good”opinion of others

Do not feed the troll

Being a martial arts teacher we wear many different hats. Students and parents will often come to us for advise because we are considered to be “wise.” Unfortunately this will go to some peoples heads.

Have you ever watched a sporting event at a bar or with someone, and there is this guy who can tell you everything the player or fighter is doing wrong, but have never been there himself?

The martial arts industry is worse. The egos expand and opinions are given on things these people know zero about, or they tried and failed so they need to bad mouth it to make themselves feel better.

Well I don’t care except for one thing. They try to limit other peoples lives with their pathetic and limited beliefs.

Become immune to the opinion of others.

Today I saw a comment on our Facebook page on yesterday’s article about 1 second fighting.

It stated basically that this was a “pile of rubbish.” Now I know he did not read the article, and it is kind of cowardly to comment in a different language, but that is OK. I replied and thanked him for his opinion and that I would certainly seek more of his knowledge later.

How sad because here is some, who cannot keep an opinion to himself, in a position were he just may influence someone wrongly.

Talking out of turn……

The martial artists of the world should be above this! Pressure Point study is a controversial topic, but that is because it challenges those who have turned the teaching of the arts into a dogma.

If you are new to the idea of Kyusho Jitsu or pressure points then look into it for yourself. Talk to people who have successful done it!

Don’t be swayed by those who never experience it, or have an failed to do it. Learn from your own experience and not someone else invalid opinion. Model the winners in life, not the failures or wannabes. The failures are the ones who are the loudest.

Become Immune to the “good”opinion of others.

If you are here seeking to learn more, follow the link below for information on our Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course

Have a great day!



The Need for 1 Second Fighting – Only with Pressure Points

The Need for One Second Fighting

I remember so well not long after I began my martial arts training I was home in my basement doing some training. My brother in law came over with his wife and came into the basement. Now he was a rather egotistical man, and believed that martial arts was just silly.

He asked me to show him something. So I did a side kick on the heavy bag. Well the universe lined up for me and the bag somehow flew off the hooks and across the floor.His jaw dropped and he never teased me again.

Over the years that questions has been posed many times to me. “What would you do if I….”

My answer changed over the years as my experience grew. Today my answer is upsetting to some.  The answer today is “it won’t happen and if it does it means your life.”

Now I don’t say that to everyone who asks, and these days very few people ever do ask! But I would never get into a “fight” because I don’t need to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE including myself.

I would only respond to a real attack, and that would not be good for the attacker. The NEED for 1 Second Fighting.

Street defense is NOT rolling about on the street, trying to do this or that and get the upper hand. That is a fight, a street fight or an ego fight. If you are attacked, it needs to be over immediately! Not in 60 seconds or 5 minutes, but right NOW.

There is no flash, there is no glory, just the properly executed response to the available part of the nervous system, that shuts things down FAST.

This is what the study of the art and science of pressure points is all about. One Second Fighting.  Are you a martial artist or trained combat/self defense person? Then I can help you to hone your skills to a level that age, physical health or injury, body size become irrelevant.

Visit the link below, Kyusho Jitsu University and see the many options available for you!

Have an awesome day!

Updates – Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp

In July 2018 the 1st Annual Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp will be held in Brasov Romania!  This is going to be a very exciting and fun learning experience with many different topics on the table!

Now, something that will make this seminar weekend very different from many is it is about learning.  I have been to many seminars that are designed to promote the presenter, not really teach anything.

Now this is not true of all seminars obviously, but you will leave knowing much more than when you came!

These are some of the topics we will cover!

  • Basic Kyusho Principles and their applications
  • Advanced Kyusho Principles including sound and colour
  • Understanding Knockouts
  • Alarm Points
  • Chi Energy Building
  • The Healing Arts
  • Movement to optimize pressure point usage
  • And Much Much more!

Now this is about all I can do for the moment with information, but if you follow the link below you can read more and sign up for email updates!

Have a great day!

Really Getting Into The Cycle Of Destruction

I have had more than a few people tell me over the years, “yeah I know the cycle of destruction.” Really? Well lets’ scratch a little deeper here and see what you know.

First it takes 3 elements in the cycle of destruction to ever hope to get a KO.  Three will give you a KO, but the knockouts intensity will depend on the quality of the strikes.  But it always depends on the quantity of the strikes.

So we have the cycle as follows

  • Fire melts metal
  • Metal chops wood
  • Wood penetrates earth
  • Earth dams water
  • Water quenches fire

Yep, everyone has got that right? OK good! Now lets do a knockout. Her is a good one for you. They punch, then you drop a knife-hand (fire) into LI10 “metal,” then come around with the hand and strike GB-20 with a ridge hand (thumb-side)on the other side of the head.

Assuming correct angles and 2 way action you should get a KO or at least someone who is dizzy.

So how could we improve this and go deeper into the cycle? Well you could lift your foot for a moment before striking LI10, which will give you water.  Now by the time you hit GB-20 you have 4 elements. That works good.

You can step on his foot at the baby toe, where bladder is to give you water too, or the entire foot and then you have all the elements

Here is one you will find interesting, strike LI-10 with your fire, then lift you foot. This is the cycle of creation. Now you have a ton of water, put your foot down, then strike LI-10 again and watch them drop! From there hit GB-24 and may have a body knockout!

OK here is one more for you. One hit KO.  This will work best if they have their hands on you.  A lapel grab with their right hand. You then slap your own body at GB-24 / LI-13 area, then you have fire/metal/wood, hit ST-05 and watch the lights go out!

There is so much you can do with JUST the Cycle of Destruction. Too much for a blog post!

But you get the idea! Check this out!

Have a great day!




“It didn’t work for me……so its crap!”

A young woman defends herself against an male attacker

Have you ever heard those words, or seen them written online? I was back last summer while I was working on my book Kyusho Jitsu Theories to Street Applications that I got that as a comment on a Facebook post.

But that is the way most people think about a lot of things! Too bad really because they “opinion’ will affect many peoples decisions. Success in anything comes with work. You cannot read a eBook and become an expert of anything, you have to put in the work. Yes you must believe in your outcome, but you must act too!

There is no MMA fighter today who is a champion sitting on his ass, drinking beer and eating chips. He is she is in the gym, training, working hard for a result. Intellectually they know what must be done, then they apply it!

Kyusho Jitsu is not different. Kyusho requires a great amount of intellectual understanding, which some people are not will to do, plus the practical application work to tie it all together!

Kyusho Jitsu can take your current martial arts skills and enhance them beyond your dreams. And anyone with any real exposure to it will tell you the same thing! But I will be honest, you will not learn it from random searches on Google. You need structure, real curriculum!

Obviously the very best method is to be live with a teacher, but that is not possible for 97% of martial artist.  When that is not possible then you need to go online, but this will only work with structure and support!

Now if this interests you, which I know it does because you are still reading, I am going to make you a great offer to learn more!  How would you like to Test Drive our Kyusho Jitsu University Gold Membership for One Month totally free, with zero obligation to continue if you are not THRILLED?

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