Principles of Pressure Points – The 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle Part 2

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Understanding and applying the principles of pressure points is how you make them effective and learn to use them in real life situations. The 24 hour diurnal cycle is the flow of energy in the human body. It is tied to a clock but this is more for healing that for destructive purposes.

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Pressure Point Canada – Pressure Point Principles – Proper Body Mechanics

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Anyone who has been in the martial arts for any period of time knows that proper body mechanics is key to success in any self defense situation. Even in a competition it is required to assure victory. But oddly enough it is not very well understood by most martial artists.

I could do entire weeks worth of workshops on this topic alone, but alas who has the time? In the video below Master Curt Mason goes into the basics as it pertains to pressure point work.

Principles of Pressure Points – The 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle Part 1

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One of the most difficult of principles for students to understand is the 24 hour diurnal cycle. In the next series of posts our videos will help to clear this mystery up for students. Honestly the principle is simply to understand and that is why it is so hard to grasp.

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Principles of Pressure Points – Alarm Points

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In my view as being a pressure point master I know the value of the principles that govern its usage. Perhaps the single most important principle in my view is that of Alarm Points. Some may disagree, the results I have gotten speak for themselves.

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Using the Cycle of Destruction Part 4

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This is the final in the novice series on the Cycle of Destruction. After this we will move on to another principle and revisit this at a later time. If you have any questions on the Cycle of Destruction please post them as comments. I will do my best to answer quickly.

Using the Cycle of Destruction Part 3

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We we move on this this video series on the principle known as The Cycle of Destruction we see the third in the initial series on this. Cycle of Destruction is the basic building block for your pressure point study. The better you know and understand how this work the more effective you will become.

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Meridian Theory and Energy Workshop

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Meridian Theory and Energy Workshop The actually class was 2.5 hours long but the students practicing the information had been removed to save some time.

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Using the Cycle of Destruction in Self Defense Part 2

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The Cycle of Destruction is one of the first basic principles you learn in pressure point study.  The cycle is as below:

  • Fire melts metal
  • Metal chops wood
  • Wood penetrates earth
  • Earth dams water
  • Water quenches fire

In order to understand this cycle you must first understand the meridians of the body and there corresponding elements. This knowledge goes back to healing arts that are thousands of years old. I hope you enjoy the video!

Using the Cycle of Destruction in Self Defense

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The video featured here is an example of being able to apply the Cycle of Destruction in a self defense situation and technique. This does require time and training. Always remember the PURPOSE of martial arts training is not for a quick fix in self defense. Honestly if I wanted a quick fix I would carry a 9mm.

Martial arts training takes time, gross motor skills are refined until they become second nature. There are self defense system out there that do offer fast learning, but they are not martial arts.I hope you enjoy the video, bit most I hope you love the journey!