The Basics of Kata Interpretation

Kata Interpretation

The interpretation of Kata is one of many important aspects of Kyusho study. However, from a self defense standpoint there is a lot more!

Now many of the very old Kata have some set interpretations and that is very cool! However, teaching someone to interpret something by showing them what it is, well that is not really teaching. Tradition is awesome, but in my view there needs to more.

Words matter, they are very powerful and they have BIG influence on your mind. The ability to defend yourself goes far beyond “style” and right into teaching and deprogramming certain beliefs some people can have.

Are you aware that the term “block” is wrong?  For many people, not everyone, if you teach them “block” they will not ever do it under pressure. If you use the word “strike” they will be more likely to do so. Therefore, the best method to teach for self defense is that every block is really a strike.  The very definition of the word block messes up the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Block – verb -make the movement or flow in (a passage, pipe, road, etc.) difficult or impossible.

An example is using a “down block” better called a “down strike” to redirect the kick.  Redirect and block do not have the same meaning!

So how does all this relation to Kata Interpretation? Very simple, you teach the student, guide the student into seeing things themselves in the Kata, and not just telling them what is there! If they discover it, then a connection is made in the brain, and this increasing the likelihood of them being able to use said technique in real life.


With that in mind I am in the process of creating a NEW video series on the Basics of Kata Interpretation. It will be  3 part series, each coming at different times. I have not done a video series like this in years so this will be fun!

Keep you eyes on our Video Site for information on its release dates.

Have a great day!


May is Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Month

Our list of dedicated Kyusho Jitsu instructors is growing! This is great news for many people who wish to study the art and science of pressure point fighting known as Kyusho Jitsu!

With that in mind May is going to be Instructor Certification Month. I wlll tear down as many barriers as possible to get school owners and teachers to put in the work, and become certified instructors.

Why “certification”? Because I have notice that the learning process out there is lot level and some long time kyusho practitioners are missing a lot of information. If we all teach the same curriculum, one designed to create great lifetime students, everybody wins!

Follow this link to discover more!

Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Month

The Mystery of Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Principles – Sound

Almost every day I get a question about some of the things people consider to be advanced Kyusho Jitsu principles. Sound be the one most commonly asked about.

Now I don’t consider sound to really be advanced. It is in the second 5 sets of Kyusho Jitsu Principles. Sound is one of the foundations of Kyusho really. I am surprised at how many have problems with it.

Now as I have said MANY times I am here to TEACH, not create mystery! With that in mind the audio file linked in the player below will help you learn some of the basic sounds.

If this kind of thing interests you may I suggest you take a look at doing a test drive on our Kyusho Jitsu University Gold Membership. The link is below for more information and to join!

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Also! I am going to offer you for this weekend only! Until 11:59PM on May 1st you can purchase my Sound and Colour Mini Course for ONLY $7.00!!!

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Kyusho Jitsu and the Art of Healing

There is an old saying in the martial arts, before you learn to hurt someone, you should learn to heal first.

I think this statement has a lot of merit too! Now for a TRUE story. Back in 2004 I married a woman from Venezuela. She came to Canada to stay with me and seek residence. This is a long and arduous process in Canada.  During this time she developed some BAD back / kidney pains. So we went to see a doctor.

Now when someone immigrates to Ontario Canada, until they are accepted as a resident, they have no medical coverage. You pay for everything. I took her to a doctor, and they did some x-rays. These x-rays showed she had a LARGE kidney stone, one that was not going to pass without intervention.  The doctor scheduled her for an ultrasound for a better view.

The doctor explain she would need to see a surgeon, and the cost would be about $5000 plus for the operation. So I called my son Scott, who has a skill as a healer.

Scott came over and did work on her for about an hour, then fell asleep for about 3 hours. He was exhausted.

2 weeks later we went for an ultrasound.  My then wife’s pain stopped almost immediately when Scott treated her, which was great! But we did not expect the results we got from the Ultrasound!

There was NO STONE.

When the 2 images were compared, the result was remarkable. Her doctor said, “whatever you did worked!” “Because there was NO DOUBT she had a BIG stone.”

The human mind and its power are remarkable! But “science” does not want this information out. WHY? Because they will lose TRILLIONS of dollars worldwide in FUNDING. Never underestimate peoples GREED!

Now I am not saying to ignore any doctors advice, I am however saying you can make a difference in your own health, and the health of those you care about!

If you have not yet discover our Chi Courses take a look at the LINK below! We have a FREE Report / eBook on Chi Manipulation and a GREAT deal right now on our Chi Healing Course.

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What are the “Principles of the Grand Masters?”

Armlock in martial arts

Do the Grand Masters hold secrets that most martial artists never learn?  That is a very good question. As our Alliance grows i have been pondering this question a lot.

There are a lot of Kyusho people out there, that have been training a lot of years, but are lacking a lot of knowledge and information and talk about the mystery that revolves around their Kyusho world. Do you they keep secrets? Or do they just not know themselves?

Back about 7 years ago at a seminar I had a 5th Dan come up to me and ask how many points are on Heart becasue he could not remember. It is YIN right? I also was present when a 6th Dan did not understand some basic Level One principles.

The only think I know, is Dillman taught my instructor Steve Stewart and he taught me, he taught me everything Dillman gave him, plus the things he learned reverse engineering acupuncture.

Now once again, I am going to make more of this available to you! On Canada Day, July 1st I am going to be release the FINAL Principles eBook which is called “Kyusho Principles of the Grand Masters.”

If you want to learn more about it, give this link below a click!


Why Pressure Point / Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups?

Attention School Owners and Teachers!

Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups are the ultimate way to teach Kyusho Jitsu, spread the word, and create outstanding Black Belts in not just Kyusho Jitsu but your root art also!

I did my first Kyusho Study Group in my Dojo back in 2005. Most of those students are still with me!

I was asked several years ago by a very well know and respected martial arts teacher in Canada how I kept so many students, why my adult retention rates were to good.

Simply, Kyusho Study Groups are a major reason.

Many martial artist today are seeking to find out more about the art and science of pressure points, known as Kyusho Jitsu. But lets face it, much of the information is scattered, poorly organized. It basically jumps all over the place. You need organized materials, that allow for PROGRESS of yourself and you students! Real step by step curriculum!

And we all know as martial arts teachers, when you teach it, you master it faster!

How would you like to motivate more adults students? Keep them training longer? Increase the income for your Dojo? I have a solution for you!

Below is a link to a very special page, one that will show you exactly what you need to begin teaching Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups with Confidence and SUCCESS! I am tearing down the barriers for a limited time to help more of my students and followers do this!

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Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups


Attacks, Kyusho Jitsu and Body Piercing

Today body and face piercing is an enormously popular thing to do! I have no opinion on it either way personally. I have not done it, but for me the first priority, thought about it, was what would it do to energy flow?

Well the news is, it messes things up a lot! Especially if it is in contact with a meridian!  Now depending on how deep your knowledge of Kyusho Jitsu and its Principles is, you may or may not follow me on some of this.

I once had a student, great kid, who had done a lot of this type of art work on himself. He was interested in taking my Novice in Dojo Course so he attended a Pre-College. Now he had a piercing at TW-23, One around GV-26 and another at CO-24.  He asked during the session what would happen if he was to be hit here, by someone who knew what they were doing.

I tapped him lightly at TW-23 with no setup at all, and no contact with his body other than the strike. The look in his eyes told everything.  He said it was like an electrical storm in his head, flashes of light in his eyes.

Next I did some far more aggressive, because he wanted me to. His “nose” piercing. I sealed the back of his head and rubbed at FV-26 in a cross wise motion. He passed out.

Today with the fast number of people who have perceiving this is important information to know. No this is no judgement on piercings or character of those who have them. Just self defense FACT.

Someone versed in Kyusho Jitsu can use the piercings of an attacker to quickly end a confrontation!

But I will add a sub note here. When I did this, I “tapped” Marc at TW-23. In real life I would not TAP. It does bother me when I see so many stilling talking about “light touch” in Kyusho.  Light Touch is for training, for safety, but it should never be implied this will work in real life.

You hit the point, and you hit it HARD.


You Should Attend Kyusho Jitsu Seminars – Fantastic Learning Experience!

Have you ever attended a Kyusho Jitsu Seminar? I have been to so many, have also taught at so many I have lost count. But at each event I always learned something new!

One of my favorites was at the MATC when my teacher Grand Master Steve Stewart was awarded his 9th Dan Black Belt in Kyusho. To my mind long overdue too! He is amazing!

Coming in summer 2018, July to be specific I am going to be hold a Kyusho Jitsu Seminar Weekend, we are calling the RMATC, or Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp. It is being held in the beautiful mountain town of Brasov in the region of Transylvania. It will be a 3 day training session beginning on Friday evening and ending Sunday late afternoon.

This will be a small and intimate event, with ONLY 75 people allowed. The following year will be much larger, and I will be inviting Steve Stewart to attend.  But it is too soon to get into that one!

Now if you would like to know more about this event please subscribe to our mail list below! You can also follow the event on Facebook!

Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp Event on Facebook

Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp Info

We respect your email privacy

“So who the hell are you to Teach Kyusho anyways? I never heard of you!”

I had that said to me about a year ago, when I began to do what I am doing now after several years away by one Kyusho GM.  There have been a few, but this one was kinda rude so I thought it funny.

Once I said who my teachers was, and that he certified me at Level Five as an instructor, the tone changed at lot. It is not my fault these guys don’t pay attention! Plus no one like to cross Steve Stewart.

Most of you who are reading this have jobs during the day or night, Careers, kids at home, lots of responsibility! My story is different! I am a career, full time martial arts teacher and have been full time for 15 years. Plus even when I did have a real job, I trained and taught 6 days a week, 4 hours per day, with my children at my side. I have studied several arts other then Hapkido, my root and Kyusho my passion because I had the time and resources to do so.

I own a school in Windsor Ontario Canada, as well as one in Brasov Romania. Plus Kyusho Jitsu University, operated as part of the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance, that also operates Novice and Advanced Study groups in Canada, taught by 2 of my Kyusho Black Belt Masters.

I have always kept my profile fairly low, not interested in the politics and in fighting or bad stabbing that often happens in the high profile organizations.

I just want to teach people who have an true ambition to learn, all that  I know, and I know more than I talk about, and make them better than me in Kyusho! Are you one of them?

Back many years ago, around the time when NAPMA was big there came into being various “plug and play” systems for school owners to help bring in more money to their schools, and retain students. I bought several of them, and they were a waste.

Kyusho was different! Why? First it is not a plug and play system, it is a complete system that requires some work and dedication to do! And, if you want to grow, really develop an understanding you are going to have to spend some cash too.

FREE is always worth FREE. It is a great way to get your feet wet, and it helps me weed out the real students! The money spent on a real education in Kyusho is well worth it! Especially when you keep students, or grow as a Black Belt beyond what you thought was possible.

I have never had one student who regretting the money spent on a Kyusho education, or did not give it a much higher value!

With that in mind check out our Kyusho Jitsu University Gold Program. You can sign up for $1 for the first month! Follow the link below for all the information!


How Much Is There Really to Learn In Kyusho Jitsu?

That is the question of the day, well it was the question of the day yesterday. The answer is a TON, years and year of learning. I am still learning! It really all depends on the student. What you are willing to put into the study!

First did you go an get yourself the FREE Chapter of my upcoming NEW eBook called the 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu? the chapter won’t be available for much longer, so check it out!

Now how much is there to learn? Well, let just take a quick look at JUST the Principles of Kyusho Jitsu.

Novice Level:

  1. Attack Along the Meridian
  2. Attack Using the Cycle of Destruction\
  3. Attacking Using Yin and Yang
  4. Attack with Correct Body Mechanics
  5. Attack with Tempo or Rhythm

Advanced Level:

  1. Attack Using the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
  2. Attack Using the Correct Stance
  3. Attack  Using Colour
  4. Attack Using Sound
  5. Attack Using the Cycle of Emotions

Master Level:

  1. Attack by Stacking Elements
  2. Attack with the Minor Microcosmic Orbit
  3. Attack Using Quadrants
  4. Attack using Directional Energy
  5. Attack Changing Elements on the fly

Grand Master Level:

  • Advanced Alarm Points front and back
  • Special Alarm Points
  • Indicator Points
  • Confluent Points
  • Collateral Points
  • Extraordinary Points
  • Body Types
  • Seasonal Energy
  • Dim Mak Theory

So this gives you an idea on how much there really is to learn! But none of this is covering meridians, points, striking actions, and a dozen other theories!

If you are really interested in a FULL Kyusho Jitsu Education, one that actually teaches you about the art and science called Kyusho Jitsu then you are at the right place.

FOLLOW this LINK for a GREAT Opportunity to LEARN MORE.


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