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How Long Does it Take until Kyusho Becomes Effective?

Young man being mugged in a dark tunnel by a violent man

This question was posed to me via email a few weeks ago. I answered the lady directly and she must have been satisfied with the answer as I did not hear back. But what is the answer to this question?

It is 2 parts…

Obviously the amount of time and effort you put into the learning and practice of Kyusho is a determining factor in its effectiveness. You cannot just read as an example my Novice Kyusho Jitsu Workbook and say, “well I know this now” and expect any kind of result. You MUST training with the information.

But also!

How much time and effort do you put into your root art? The more time and effort you spend training period is going to be the deciding factor in how effectively you can incorporation and use Kyusho.

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT a quick fix for lack of training! This is one of the reason I spend so much effort recruiting NEW Certified Kyusho Jitsu Teachers. Yes it does spread the art! But the addition of Kyusho to the schools curriculum or as special programs helps to keep adult students motivated and training!

That is a WIN/WIN for everyone! The more martial art school that succeed, the better it is for all of us! Let’s face it the general public needs what we teach and the discipline we have to offer. The world is not getting calmer, it is getting much more violent!

So in a nutshell that is the answer. There is no answer, it all depends on you!

If you are not currently a Kyusho Jitsu student but would like more information take a look at our Kyusho Jitsu University Website. There is something for everyone there!

Have a great day!

Kyusho Jitsu University

The A-B-C’s of Learning Kyusho Jitsu or Anything Else


As many of you reading this you know when it comes to Kyusho Jitsu, or really any martial art there are a lot of naysayers. Now on the internet, especially places like YouTube there is an issues with low life’s who just like to troll, make bad comments and generally cause trouble. They don’t count. What I am talking about is the closed minded person who basically says “this is all crap.”

Now one reason I think there is so many people like this is because they have no idea “how” to learn.

Most of us have been out of school a long time. But school only teaches you how to regurgitate information. There is no class on how to actually “learn.” I believe this is why North America has fallen so far behind the rest of the world in literacy rates.

Learning, like martial arts is a skill!

So what are the steps to learning a system like Kyusho Jitsu? Well NUMBER ONE, get a notepad! Yes I know the information is on your screen, but to learn it, really learning it you MUST WRITE IT OUT!

Not type it out, write it out! Afterwards you can read through it and type it into a product like OneNote to help you organize it. But you need to do the writing also. It will increase your retention of the information up to 40% the first time around!

This is called taking COPIOUS Notes. This is a key to learning ! You don’t see note taking taught in school!

Now I am a conspiracy theories kinda guy. The school system no longer teach cursive writing, this is because they wish to dumb down the masses. Today our school systems and universities graduate some of the very brightness and best people who know NOTHING.

Learning is part of the human experience and I LOVE TO LEARN!

Now in the KJWA Membership Levels we help you along the way to learn the learning process. This is truly an educational facility!

There are a total of 4 levels of learning with the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. The first one is the FREE Mini Course, then we have Kyusho Jitsu University!

Check out this link for more information!

Learn Kyusho Jitsu!


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Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance University and Membership Levels

Back during the summer of 2016 when I created the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance I said there would always be a free membership, and there certainly is! It is also an excellent membership with many, many freebees including the Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course and the affiliate program!

But now we have something extra and new. We have 3 new paid memberships, which are Black Belt and Instructor certification and learning memberships at GREAT prices!

Now the Gold Membership is currently online, which is the membership for learning everything you need to know to obtain a Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu as well as continue your education all the way to 4th Dan if you chose!

Coming online is the next few days is the Diamond Membership which is for the school owner who wishes to teach Kyusho Study Groups and certify as a  teach with the KJWA. It goes up to Leve 5 instructor!

Finally the Platinum Membership which will take a while longer to come online, it has so much in it!

If you would like to take a look at the website for pricing and more information simply follow the link belt!

KJWA Members Programs



How to get the BEST Reaction from a Pressure Point Strike

As I have written many times, the “old timers” called this hitting correctly. But there is more to it, especially if you are not a visual learner, or they simply move to quickly to see that they have done.

Now the first place we need to begin is with the size of a pressure point. The actual size is about that of the head of a pen, but the area of activation is the size of a loony in Canada or a Silver Dollar in the USA.

You must hit the point at the correct angle and direction. The angle is 45 degrees, the direction will vary from point to point. You also need to take into consideration what the best striking action is!

And don’t forget using two way action!

The striking actions are a follows.

  • Slapping
  • Vibrating
  • Chopping
  • Penetrating
  • Grasping

Next, what is the best stance for the point in question? Here are the stances!

  • Forward Bo
  • Neutral Bo
  • Cat Stance
  • Horse Stance X 2
  • X or cross over stances

Then there are many other considerations! So, with all this in mind you can see WHY much of this knowledge went unlearned when it all came down to, HITTING CORRECTLY.

Wanna learn more? Check out our totally FREE Kyusho Jitsu email Mini Course! Yeah it is really free! And yes everything I talked about here is covered in it!

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Understanding Humane Applications of Kyusho Jitsu

Young man being mugged in a dark tunnel by a violent man

Back in 2009 I took a certification course under Grand Master Steve Stewart that is called Humane Pressure Point Tactics, or HTTP for short.  Now I did the instructor course, all three levels and the information was outstanding.

The v=course covered some very important ground, especially concerned with people who may need to defend themselves, but legally there can be issues for them doing so. Like fireman, ambulance attendants etc.

The need is out there! And it is a great opportunity for school owners. There are many different groups who need self defense skill, but they need somewhat to end a situation without damage if possible.

Here is a video example.

Take a look at this link for more information!

Humane Kyusho Jitsu



Kyusho Jitsu, Self Defense and When Women Attack Men.

I can feel the defenses going up already! The egos of many of the men who will read this are firing! “I can handle a woman!”

Some of the women I know I would question that statement, however let’s just say you can handle a attack by a women. There are only 2 possible ways you can do it!

  1. Effectively
  2. Poorly

Today there is much more violence against men. I have sadly had several issues over the years with significant others who “lost it” and I had to defend. I did it very effectively. However on a scale of 1-10 in threat, these were only 3-5

How do I know it was effective? There was no damage done to her or myself, and no need for police involvement. Others I know have not been so lucky!

The best scenario on self defense is when everyone gets to walk away and not deal with the legal system. Now there are times when the problem needs to be dealt with in a heavy manner. But that is not what I am talking about here.

And we all know today we do not have a justice system, we have a legal system! What if you are attacked by a minor? Hurt him badly and they will fry you in court!

Is there a solution?  Well right now I am working on one we are calling Humane Kyusho Jitsu.

If you are interested in learning more about this project follow the link below!

Humane Kyusho Jitsu


Why is the Triple Warmer, or Triple Heater Meridian so Important to Self Defense?

Why is the Triple Warmer, or Triple Heater Meridian so Important? How does it apply to self defense and the pressure point system of Kyusho Jitsu?

Most people think of it as the meridian that is tied to the heat control of the body, and this is true! However it has a far more useful purpose.

It has a direct affect on the endocrine system. The hormonal regulation of the human body. Thus the “emotions” we all experience.

This is one of the reason for the STUDY of Kyusho Jitsu and not just doing nerve strikes. The more you know or understand about how the human body works, the easier it is control it!

Now it is beyond the scope of a blog post to explain exactly what goes on with Triple Warmer and how to use it effectively, however that is what our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course if for!

Now this FREE course is just that, FREE. If you don’t like it you can unsubscribe from the bottom of each email received, but I don’t think you will!

This is real information you can apply right now to your style of martial arts. Subscribe from below!

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Kyusho Jitsu and Women’s Self Defense Courses

This is a topic that I think every  martial artist has an interest in this very important part of the arts. For me self defense was always a passion. I did compete and I did pretty good, nothing national or anything like that.

But I really did not enjoy it.

But self defense was different. Over the years I have seen some excellent programs for women, and some truly terrible ones. The terrible ones are based on the things the instructor likes and not the needs of the student. The excellent ones included techniques as well as information on how to avoid trouble, plus were and how to deal with the aftermath. And there is always an aftermath.

We also went through a TERRIBLE stage of adrenaline stress to show people that what they learned may not work. This is fine for a regular students, but not a group of women trying to learn to defend themselves. Destroying confidence is the ultimate of failure and I have seen it happen many, many times.

What is the answer? Women need an equalizer for the size and strength of an attacker, and that is Pressure Points.  A martial arts teacher who takes his technical knowledge of his or her art and ads the elements of pressure point strikes will create an effective and perhaps life saving course, workshop or on going program.

Think about it.

I do have a resource that can help. Our Kyusho Jitsu Theories to Street Applications which can help you map out such a program. Check it out below.

Kyusho Jitsu Theories to Street Applications

Have a great week!


Alarm Points in Kyusho Jitsu, what do they actually do?

There are many different ways to teach Kyusho Jitsu. I have seen ads for some who say they teach it without the references to Chinese medicine or acupuncture.  Yeah that can be done, but the results will be very different then the way I do it.

The old timers called that “Nerve Strikes.”

Here is a comparison. You go into a gym because you wish to become a body builder. You can go train hard with weights, and you will certainly get a result. But in these cases you go, train, listen to music on your phone and break to talk with people etc.

Or you can do it like a real body builder does, the discipline, the study of the body, the diet, and pushing to entirely new levels. A mental and physical game. The result is light years apart!

Real Kyusho Study is like this.

Alarm Points are an aspect of advanced Kyusho Jitsu Study. I still learn new things about them every time I train, or teach about them. They are the game changer.

There are 3 different sets of Alarm Points on the body. They are as follows:

  • Alarm Points – Located on the front of the body
  • Associated Alarm Points – Located on the back of the body
  • Special Alarm Points – Varying locations on the body

The “standard” or front alarm point when struck properly have a direct affect on the organ associated with them.  When I was a boxer I was punched once very hard in the sternum. That was a special kind of horrible.  I did not feel well for a while, there was no 10 minute recovery from that one.

The “associated” alarm points relate to the neurological aspects of the organ involved.  The ability to properly function at all. This is very advanced learning.

The “special” alarm points are just that, they are special and different in each occasion. Also very advanced learning.

Now I do have a video available on Alarm Point Basics if you are interested. Information can be reached from the link below.

Have a great week!

So What is in Advanced Pressure Point – Kyusho Jitsu Study?

This is the question of the week. Let’s take a few moments and break this down some. First I consider “advanced” study to be that area after 1st Dan or Level One up to 4th Dan and/or Level Four.

After the first exam and the person is “ranked” either as a 1st Dan Black Belt in Kyusho or a Level One Certified Kyusho practitioner things begin to get very interested.

During Level Two we begin the journey into Alarm Points and that continues up to the master level.

First we look at the basic alarm points on the front of the body, then after 2nd Dan we look at the ASSOCIATED Alarm Points at the back of the body.  Now the information I teach on Associated Points I do not give away for free, nor are they found in short course workshop videos like the basic Alarm Points.

Why? They are just too dangerous and I want to know the person doing the study before I give this information out.

After the 3rd Dan testing we begin the journey into SPECIAL ALARM POINTS.  Yes these topics are touched in the Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Workbook and the Master Kyusho Jitsu Workbook, but not in the great detail I do in the course videos.

Alarm Points are like a “master key” to the human body and take your self defense to an entirely different level!

If you are new to the world of Kyusho Jitsu, take a look at our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course!

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