How Pressure Points Work


​How Pressure Points Work

How Pressure Points Work

How Pressure Points Work

Understanding how pressure points work is the key to success using them. People will often believe they do not need this knowledge to get a result. But you do! Today I will focus on one pressure point, explain what happens when it is activated and what the result is.

​Large Intestine 10

This one of my favorite arm points. It works well on everyone, even people with very muscular arms. LI-10 can be activated with a press, or a strike. The results are very predictable. Here is what happens.

When LI-10 is struck with 2 ways action, like an arrow down and through the following happens.

  1. The head comes forward as the front knee will bend with the corresponding arm struck.
  2. Intense pain and the arm becomes numb causing the hand to slowly open.

When struck correctly this happens every time. Why does this happen? The understanding of why is important. But first lets look at the point itself. This point lies along the Large Intestine Meridian of the body. This means it has certain characteristics, and responds best to certain conditions. When these conditions are applied correctly less force is required to get a result.  That does not mean you would not strike HARD. It just reducing the need.

Let's look at the point. LI-10 lies along the radial bone of the arm. When struck the point is then compressed, compressing the nerve and causing pain. If hit correctly the tissue is also compressed against the bone causing a big reaction.  The compression of the tissue causes energy flow issues and a numbness to come into the hand and arm, resulting in the hand losing strength and opening. Being the radial artery is also in the vicinity the brain will react strongly to this strike to protect the artery. 

Now you do not need an in-depth understanding of how each point works, but this does help with understanding! The more you know the better the results!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

How Pressure Points Work
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How Pressure Points Work
How do pressure points work? How do they give a predictable result when attacked?
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