No Touch Knockouts Dangerous?


Are No Touch Knockouts Dangerous?

Are No Touch Knockouts Dangerous?

Are No Touch Knockouts Dangerous?

Good question, are No Touch Knockouts Dangerous?? The fast answer is yes they are, however that does need some qualification! First, are you one who thinks no touch knockouts are a fraud? Why are you here?? Follow this link and read something that interest you! I am NOT a sport martial art fan, so I don’t read about it, watch it, or more importantly give an opinion, why? Because I don’t have knowledge of it, my opinion is not valid.

On to the article!

Risks in No Touch Knockouts

A No Touch Knockout causes a disruption in the Chi system of the body. Some people are very sensitive to these types of knockouts and for them it can be very dangerous. I have seen some people suffer health effects for months afterwards. Other people are just fine and recover like nothing happened. Then there are those who have walls up against it and feel NOTHING.

This is why No Touch is a science, we are trying to find ways to make it more effective on more people.

What Happens when it goes BAD?

Proper resuscitation becomes a key when No Touch goes bad. The first thing that is always done is to “wake up” the head via the “wake-up nerve” below GB-20. Next make sure there are no breathing issues. Assuming there are none,  check the Bladder Meridian for “lumps” which are pockets of stagnated energy that must be broken up. This will hurt, but it is essential for proper recovery! These happen along the spine only.

Suggested Reading and Viewing

I do suggest before you decide to try these types of high risk knockout for yourself you do some suggested reading and / or viewing. Below are 2 links that will help you on this journey immeasurably!

  1. No Touch Knockout Theories eBook
  2. No Touch Knockout Theories Video Companion

Have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason



Are Touch Knockouts Dangerous?
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Are Touch Knockouts Dangerous?
Understanding the potential danger of No Touch Knockouts.
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Kyusho Jitsu World
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