Dim Mak Project Development


Dim Mak Project Development

The Dim Mak Project Development

​Dim Mak Project Development

​The Dim Mak Project Development continues with some very exciting things coming over the next few weeks and months!  When I first announced this project I did not expect it to become as popular or as important as it has become. But that is all great news!

Dim Mak Project Stage One

The first stage of the Dim Mak Project was released about a month ago. This is in eBook form. the idea is to create the link between the ancient concepts of Dim Mak and the teachings of the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu.  the feedback on this eBook has been excellent!

Dim Mak Project Stage Two

The second stage of the Dim Mak Project will release on December 27th 2017 and is in the form of a video. This video will make anything you did not fully understand from the eBook very clear, plus take off where the eBook finished up.

Dim Mak Project Stage Three

This is a live recording of a virtual class I am teaching on December 18th for my students in Canada. It will be a 2 hour session edited for classroom training time, removing the student training sessions. This is, along with legs 1 and 2 the perfect setup for the Novice Dim Mak Project Development Course coming on January 15th 2018 to Kyusho Jitsu University!

The Dim Mak Project Website

We now have a separate website for everything Dim Mak Project. This website will provide content and links so you can find anything you need about the Dim Mak project. Below is a link so you can visit and bookmark this very important site!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below this post. You can also reach me via email at master@kyushojitsu.ca.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Feel free to share this post also! Sharing helps us to develop more great content!

Yours in the arts
Grand Master Art Mason

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Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Dim Mak Project Development
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Dim Mak Project Development
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