The Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak


The Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak

Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak

Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak

What is the Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak? There is a lot of legend to it, but again for the moment this does not concern me. it is real? Very definitely it is real. Vibration is also very, very hard on the body.

Power vs Vibration

In the martial arts most people are focused on power.  Being I am not a very big person, especially by today’s standard, I never was focused on power. I found I got a much better effect with a “snapping” action.  Then once I discovered Kyusho Jitsu and the various striking actions, the world changed for me.

When you punch someone HARD you will damage the skin area and muscle which will cause bruising. The results are seen pretty quickly with a black to purple colour coming to the surface of the skin.

However using a “snapping” action, which is a vibrating action has a very different effect. The skin may appear to become red, like it has been slapped. But the damage is far deeper in the body, and will slowly appear to the eyes. Sometime it does not show at all.  The only indicator is pain.

Vibration Energy

My son Scott did a small eBook about Vibrating Energy from the years we  spent learning Natural Laws. Below is a link to the Chi Combat Module and I am sure you will love it.

Chi Combat – Vibration Energy

Join The Dim Mak Project

Therefore if you would like more information and to join us with the Dim Mak Project follow the link below to our website and read more!

The Dim Mak Project

The Dim Mak Project



The Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak
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The Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak
Understand the action of the vibrating palm of Dim Mak
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