Self Defense – Rape – Kyusho Jitsu


Self Defense – Rape – Kyusho Jitsu

Self Defense - Rape - Kyusho Jitsu

Self Defense – Rape – Kyusho Jitsu

Interesting title eh, Self Defense – Rape – Kyusho Jitsu? Today there is a lot of really stupid talk, pointing the finger in the wrong direction when it comes to self defense and rape. Sadly it is all for political gain and not to actually prevent the problem, or to help those who are victims.  However the purpose of this post is not to address politics or the short coming of the “legal” system.

Kyusho And Self Defense

Kyusho offers self defense some real teeth. When understood students can become very efficient and learn to end conflict quickly by neurological knockouts. But one of the most important things to understand that this can be done while on you back, like in a “rape” scenario! Woman, men, children can all be taught this information, how to strike the proper places and make it count! Count means ending a bad situation FAST!

You have to do the work!

Today, sadly people have fallen for the idea of an instant culture. There is no such thing as instant. You have to do the work! But the peace of mind, and protection doing  the work provides is well worth the effort!

What I always find interesting is how unfocused the general public has become. They will spend $25 a week on coffee to drink in the car on the way to work, but won’t spend $25 to learn to knockout an attacker if they are threatened!

I was never like that, so I am the one teaching it! Below is a link to my eBook on doing Neurological Knockouts. Visit the link and take a look! This knowledge is a game changer when times get hard, and you are faced with any kind of violence!

Neurological Knockouts

Neurological Knockouts

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

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Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason

Career Martial Artist Grand Master Art Mason


Self Defense - Rape - Kyusho Jitsu
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Self Defense - Rape - Kyusho Jitsu
Understand how important self defense is, and how to deal with the reality of it!
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