Kyusho Setup Points


Kyusho Setup Points

After you get past the basics in the understanding of the art and science of pressure point self defense we need to take a look at Kyusho setup points.

Kyusho Setup Points

Kyusho Setup Points

First when you activate a meridian via simulation of a pressure point that meridian can remain active for up to 20 minutes. This is very valuable information! It is especially important during conflicts that are escalating!  I will often use Kyusho setup points just for fun when talking with a friend or acquaintance just to keep in practice. When you are good at it no one has a glue what is going on.

What points work for setup?

There are many points that are good for setup. The best place to start is with ones that are easy to access.  The most inconspicuous place to practice is on the hand and wrist. So have TW-3 and PC-6. These are awesome Kyusho setup points.

Below is a short video that will give you an example how the body can react when the points are used.

This is actually a series of videos from back in 2010 which I will address more in upcoming posts. This is a great place to get started with this! You can even do it doing and hand shake! Plus don’t miss our weekly LiveStream on YouTube every Saturday at 12:00pm Easter Standard / Daylight Time. This is the same as Toronto,

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More to come!

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