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Kyusho Knife Defense

Kyusho Knife Defense

Kyusho Knife Defense

Yesterday I saw a video on Facebook of a knife defense scenario. I think it may have been a Krav Mega class, but I don’t really remember for sure. It was a back and forth high speed drill, and it was pretty good. To my way of thinking perhaps a little complicated, but then things can get complicated, but on the whole pretty decent.  However adding a little kyusho knife defense to this, and it would have been over much faster.

Now I did comment on the post, and just added that there was a big opportunity missed each time to break the arm / dislocate the attackers elbow.  No comment was made back which was OK, but at the same time it does not surprise me.

In this scenario they are trapping the attacking arm against the body, with the assumption that the attacker cannot withdraw the knife. However this is WRONG and is in fact one the directions the body has the most power. The result of this scenario as it is trained was the defender being gutted by the retracting knife.  This is a very dangerous and it is because body mechanics are being ignored.

What is the Solution to this Scenario?

Knifes are Dangerous!

Knifes are Dangerous!

Adding kyusho knife defense to what is already part of the techniques being taught. There was an opportunity, each time, to use the defenders own forearm, roll and apply pressure to Triple Warmer 11, and cause a dislocation of the arm, GUARANTEED, thus ending the attack, and providing opportunity to do more damage to the attacker if required!

How can I say guaranteed? Because I have attacked an arm, in a real life situation, at TW-11 and this is the result. Why? Because the body is built that way and this always happens. However you must do it correctly, which is also not issue.

The problem we have in the self defense / martial arts world is instructors get so egotistical about their “way”  that they become blind to improving it. Which always make me laugh really because the same guys love Bruce Lee, yet learned nothing from his words.

Kyusho Knife Defense is a game changer!

Young woman is fighting with thief on street. Self defense concept.

Self defense concept that won’t work!

Whatever it is you do, whatever style you teach or train in, adding an understanding of how the human body functions and how best to interfere with that functioning changes everything. It take your defense scenarios from their current level to an entirely new place.

New eBook on Kyusho Knife Defense

I have a new eBook coming out very shortly I am adding the finishing touches to it right now. I want to make sure I make it very clear for people to understand how to add Kyusho to their current knife defense systems, or create those systems if needed.

You can currently save a good deal of money, and we all want to do that, by pre-ordering you copy! To read more about this revolutionary new eBook and to order your copy today follow the link below!

Add Kyusho to your knife defenses

Add Kyusho to your knife defenses

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