Bringing Sport and Street Martial Arts Study Back Together! The Kyusho Connection


Time to reach out and reunite a lot of the martial arts world. Not by trying to say that MMA is better than traditional, or that traditional is better than MMA. Only to say that learning never stops, and we need BOTH aspects!

I competed in the 80’s and 90’s in the full and point fighting Taekwondo circuits. Not the national levels, but the lower levels. It was a great experience, however not my passion!

Today MMA is tearing the sports world apart! It has all but crippled boxing and has had an impact on wrestling too! The physical condition of the fighters is awe inspiring! But, no one can maintain that for a lifetime!

Recently I saw a video show on YouTube of a well respected, retired MMA fighting stating “pressure points don’t work on the street.” He is talking so out or turn, not having a clue what he is saying it worries me. Because his lack of understanding he can and will impact someone else’s decisions in life, and perhaps cause serious harm in doing so!

It will be like me giving advise to an MMA Fighter, I am NOT QUALIFIED and because I competed and won about 80% of my fights still does not make me qualified to coach! Because he has won a “street fight” or 2 does not make him any kind of expert. Thus the problems we have today with misinformation!  Don’t talk about what you do not know about! If you have not seriously trained in it, you have no valid opinion. I cannot comment on BJJ because I have not done it! I can only say I hear good things, and i hear bad too. But I have no opinion!

The fact is for all MMA fighters, TKD or Judo players both injury and AGE catch up with you! That is as big a reality as death and taxes is. You may win today if attacked, but it will be a different world when you are 55, pain from injuries all day long and some 22 year old punk decides to hurt you because he “wants a shot” at the title.

You NEED an advantage for that time in your life.  And like retirement you need to start NOW. Adding the study of Kyusho to your knowledge is a WIN for you, but first you have to drop the ego and open your mind.

I know personally 2 great fighters and martial artists back home in Canada, both men train champions, and both will testify to the importance of this knowledge to them. I know personally police, military, and tactical teachers who will say the same thing. If you want the names email me. I never namedrop on a blog without a heads up to the person I am talking about.

So lets get together and bridge the gap between the sport arts and the self defense arts. Take a look below at the FREE Kyusho jitsu Mini Course below. Look at the information and train on it! I would love to hear about your results too!

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About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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