No Touch Chi Knockout Applications

Back in the late winter when I wrote the eBook on the Theories of No Touch Knockouts I was very surprised how well received and popular it was! We sold a ton of them and they still sell today!

The reason I wrote the eBook was by request of a student. Once again he has come forward to ask me to continue this work with a video course. I think this is a GREAT idea! So I spoke with my son last night at length and we will begin tomorrow the process of setting up to video.

So I am thrilled to announce a NEW VIDEO Course called “No Touch Chi Knockout Applications.” Here is some of what will be in this new video course.

  • Beginners Theories and Practices
  • Chi Building
  • Advanced Theories
  • Multiple KO’s
  • Adding sound
  • Knockout of a moving attacker
  • Blind Knockouts ( Through walls etc)
  • Much more!

Now I am setting the release date as September 15th 2017 to give me a few weeks to prepare the layout of the course. But I am likely going to be finished sooner as we are dedicating August to doing massive amounts of video recording.

Once completed we are going to list the course at $77 retail, however as we have always done I am going to offer a pre-order of the course at a greatly reduced price!

Follow this link to learn more!

No Touch Chi Knockout Application Video Course


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    1. No, I used to do that years back but there are a lot of issues with it. They come in mp4 format and you can certainly burn them to DVD if you choose to.

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