Kyusho Jitsu Being Accepted as Truth


Truth comes in 3 stages.

  1. First it is laughed at,
  2. Second it is violently apposed and
  3. Third it is accepted as self evident.

The pressure point art and science of Kyusho Jitsu is approaching that final stage.

The media has done their part over the years to ridicule the art. Even National Geographic a once respectable publication tried to hang George Dillman and Leon Jay out to dry.  I recall a TV news show trying very hard to disprove a Kyusho teacher in the Chicago area many years back.  But this is the way things are in our sensational world.

Today as the art evolves and people like myself remove the hype from it then it slowly becomes accepted. It is a game changer when it comes to real life situations. But like anything else only if it is taught properly. Being a great martial artist does not make you a great teacher of the arts.

The Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance which I formed about a year ago is all about research. Making Kyusho work for anyone who sincerely looks into it. This requires “systems” be put in place for teaching and learning. We have those systems!

Today there are a lot of martial artist talking out of their ass about the McDojo. That makes me laugh so very hard. They “think” that is an insult, when in fact it is the highest compliment anyone can give!


First, I would bet everyone of those hypocrites have eaten at McDonald’s and more than once! But, McDonald’s is the most successful franchise EVER, because of SYSTEMS. So perhaps these men should put their egos aside, maybe they will learn something! The food at McDonald’s sucks, but that is because you buy it! Because a Dojo has a lot of students does not mean ANYTHING other than they know what they are doing!

Bad Dojo’s GO BROKE!

Kyusho is no different. Because someone is too lazy, too egotistical or too closed minded to learn, does not mean it is not real!

Who is Kyusho for? Well if you read all of this it might be you! We offer 2 free courses to help get you started. And they really are FREE. From here you can decide if you wish to continue!

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Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course

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About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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