The Dim Mak Project Updates

This is a topic that I know interests a lot of people.  If you look online you will see a lot of reference to Dim Mak. There are member school in the KJWA that are Dim Mak related. So what exactly is Dim Mak?

They are words, really that is all they are. I don’t think there is an exact translation for it into English. However I do have my own definition of the phrase.

What the Dim Mak Project is all about is high escalation self defense. The real thing, life and death situations and how to end them quickly and effectively.

I have done eBook on Humane Kyusho Jitsu which is the state of dealing with low escalation, none life threatening situation. I have covered the middle ground with the eBook Kyusho Jitsu Theories to Street Applications, and now finally the far end of the scale with the Dim Mak Project.

The Dim Mak Project is officially scheduled to launch in early Fall 2017, but you can get more information join our update list below!

The Dim Mak Project

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