Some of What is being Passed Off today as Self Defense Scares Me

Self Defense

Self Defense

In the last few days I have seen 2 separate videos of women doing self defense, one against an armed assailant, the other against multiple attackers and all I can say is really? It would make a great movie scene!

Problem number one, with the current popularity of MMA style fighting people get the wrong idea of what self defense really is and there are many “organizations” taking advantage of this, and will end up getting someone hurt.

Problem number two, because the “instructor” has certain skills he or she will often think they are somehow transferable to real life.  I throw one hell of a spin hook kick, but it is for demonstration, not street.

The girl in the multiple attack video is very talented, she could be in movies or a stunt person. However, those men who were all attacking her, with adrenaline flowing, she may have defended against the 1st one, but she would be done afterward. But the choreography was awesome! Selling it as street defense, NO WAY, as a martial arts for demonstration or self improvement and fitness, 100 percent!

The woman against the gun and knife, well she died many times over. Her disarms will get her shot! Many peoples disarms do not work because guns go off far easier than people think. Especially when you take into account the mental state of the person holding the gun!

The knife work was even worse. There is nothing more dangerous than a knife! Bullets go straight, blades do not. Plus 99% of knife attacks are fast and the knife is not ever seen. They are rarely ever big lunging stabs like are depicted in movies.

Back in Canada I carried a knife with me at all times.  I have had several occasions to have it in my hands. If I needed to use it no one would have seen it coming!

Do not confuse sport with real life. Sport fighters need to have real self defense skills because their physical condition will not be an asset all their lives. Plus if they are well know they can be a target!

What is needed? A SOLID martial art or self defense system that is honest in their mandate. I am NOT a sports guy. If someone came to me and said they wanted to be a MMA fighter I would send them to someone qualified to help them.

So a solid martial art / self defense system that has an true interest in REAL self defense, plus integrates pressure point usage to assure a fast end to any altercation.

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About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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