The Yin and Yang of Kyusho Jitsu


The Yin/Yang symbol is one of the oldest and most misunderstood of all symbols in the world. It is very much like some of the other sacred symbols, and having it positioned correctly is even important!

The image above is how the symbol is supposed to be. Now this is when people will look and say “yeah right.” Open your mind and try this very simple experiment in your dojo.

Print out this image, right click to save it. The image is public domain so this is legal. After you print it attach it to your Uki the way it is sitting right now.

Have him or her grab your wrist and then strike them gently at ST-05 or any other point you may prefer.  Watch the reaction. Now turn it upside down or sideways and repeat.  You can wait a few minutes for recovery from the first strike also.

Note the HUGE difference in the reaction of the Uki! Make sure you don’t KO him by accident! Symbol like this one have meaning and therefore have energy in them.

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About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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