The REAL Reason Science Can’t Find Evidence of Chi


They won’t look!

Well here i go! I will make a few (more) enemies with this one! Why can’t science find or prove Chi? The exact same reason they have not cured the common cold, the flu, diabetes, MS, AIDS, Cancer or for that fact anything else in how many years?

A long time ago science was about “progress.” They discovered many, many wonderful ways to improve our lives and cured many BAD diseases like Smallpox. But today it ONLY about FUNDING and PROFITS. There is nothing wrong with those goals, as we all have to live, but these clowns take it to an extreme.

Take a walk though you local pharmacy. How many COLD medicines are there? If they cure it, then all these companies are GONE. Same with the flu and your “free” flu shot the governments pay for. The government overpays for EVERYTHING TOO! I remember one year seeing Obama on TV talking about the new strain of Flu expected and how important the shots where. This was AUGUST, how do they predict this? How does the president predict this? Sounds like lobbying to me!

At one time science was about experimentation to try to prove theories, now they do math to prove theories they cannot prove in real life. And we are told my the authorities it is FACT and so accept it without question! Science is the new world religion!

Chi? Why would they even TRY to prove it? Where is the CASH COW in that? There isn’t one! Plus any scientist who does try to prove it is off the mainstream and will be ridiculed for his efforts. Say goodbye to you job unless you are one of the gang!

Kinda like the guys who say global warming is questionable because even NASA admits no significant change in earths temperature since the 30’s.  Look it up! But how much tax money is made in “carbon taxes?” How does a TAX clean the air? But is makes for great payola doesn’t it Mrs Premier.

Chi exists, it can be control and is a product of “induction” from the electrical system in the human body SCIENCE can’t explain either!

If you are a non believer in Chi, why are you reading this still? If you are a believer take a look at this website. We have some excellent Chi Develop stuff there, much of it free!

The opinions expressed here at those of Grand Master Art Mason, and I approved this post!

Rant off. Rebooting……




About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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  • Chris says:

    in relation to chi.
    The 2 below youtube links are of the apparently late master of mo pai nei gong. “john chang” called dynamo jack in the documentary the link is lifted from. Demonstrating Chi being used to heal and perform other extreme feats. As an interesting aside there are multiple books out there on Mo pai Nei gong (or mo sect inner work).

    Link 1

    Link 2

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