Martial Arts and Self Defense is a Mind Game


Young woman is fighting with thief on street. Self defense concept.

The other day I got a comment on an ad I am running on Facebook for the free kyusho jitsu mini course. It was that theory like this I am offering is of no use because you need to be in a dojo training it.

Now my response was not kind, becasue aside from stating the obvious, and I promote my product to “martial artists” who I hope are training, but this man to me proves he is a raving MORON.

Why you ask?

Have you ever been attacked with a real gun, a live knife or a baseball bat with intent to kill in a dojo? Of course not! So this idiot needs to get off the high horse, that he has no business on and just shut his ignorant mouth!

Ever great athlete in this world got to where they are in 2 different ways. One was sincere hard work, on the field, court, training floor or what have you. The second? They saw it repeated in the “theater of the mind.” where they always had success, always won, and lived the dream. One never happens without the other!

My response to him was that I have never seen a real knife attack in a dojo, but I have had it happen to me on 2 occasions on the street, where it matters, and I am still here! So talk about what you know, not what your uneducated opinion is!

Now normally I get ignore dickheads, but this guy was barely out of puberty and I get tired of these “clueless” people with opinions. His limitation can affect someone else and cause them to not believe in their own amazing potential.

He did not respond.

Wanna be a GREAT martial artist? You must train all aspects! The BODY in the dojo, the MIND with knowledge which is applied in the dojo and VISUALIZE your result! If you fail, then you keep training!

For my hundreds of students, get out and train the learning, ask questions and see your success in your mind. Leave the “wannabes’ in the dust!

Have a great week everyone!




About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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