Doing Pressure Point Knockouts in the Dojo

Learning and finally doing pressure point knockouts is very rewarding. It is a lot of fun to figure out the best possible combinations, map them out and then they them live with different people and partners.

It is especially fun when you start doing body, arm and leg knockouts. Yes this can be done, and yes there are real medical reasons it happens!

However there are things you need to be cautious about when doing them!

First you need 2 people to catch the Uki. Mats or no mats someone free falling when they lost consciousness is a BAD idea. I have seen it happen many times, especially for show, but it is foolish and risky! Head injury happens FAST!

Why 2 people? Because when someone goes out they fall hard! There is risk of injury to both the catcher and the Uki with only one catcher. I know from personal experience as I caught a guy alone and ended up with a ruptured bicep tendon what require reattachment.

Also make sure you have practiced your resuscitation well! Always be concerned about the well being of your training partner!

Have a great day!



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