The Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp

I keep meaning to talk abut this, but I so often forget! Coming the weekend of July 14th 2017 in Brasov Romania will be a brand new and hopefully yearly event called the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp. It will be primarily a Kyusho event, but there will likely be a few surprises along the way also. Now I moved to Brasov almost a year ago. And one great thing about holding this event in Romania is the US Dollar and the Euro are very strong here so the trip is very reasonable for most people.

The cost of living here is amazingly low as a foreigner!

Now not all the details are in place as of yet, but they are coming very soon! The date however is firm! So if it is of interest to you, visit the Facebook link I am providing and subscribe to the updates.

That is all for now! Have a GREAT week!


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