Would you Trade Your Martial Arts Education for a Million Dollars?

At the Muhammad Ali Training Camp 2010
At the Muhammad Ali Training Camp 2010

That is what I am asking. If you were offered 1,000,000 dollars right now, but all the knowledge you have of the martial arts would be gone, would you trade?

My answer is NO. I would not even consider it!

For some they would, but I think a lot of you would say NO too.

With this in mind, do you continue to learn, spend money on yourself and your development? Or have you stopped?

Now I am  not selling anything here, just making you think. One of the best ways to further your education is to attend as many seminars as you can reasonably afford to do.

I am going to work in the fear future on our Kyusho Jitsu World Blog to make a list of the various seminars around the globe you may wish to check into!

So watch for it and have a great day!




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