Understanding how to Make Kyusho Jitsu Work – Part 1



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Now on to the topic. Back many years ago I did a knockout of an 18 year old student kicking SP-11 on the inner leg, this persons right leg. Simple front kick, about 1/3 power. He passed out very HARD. It was rough bringing him back.

So how did this happen? I actually took the video down because I got tire of the morons screaming “fake”.

First SP-11 is a knockout point. It is located at the center of the leg, inner thigh. The nerve here monitors the femur and femoral artery.

It is very common, and you can ask any para-med or doctor for a person to pass out when the femur is broken, or a person with a broken femur is moved.  Don’t take my word for it, ASK an MD.

Now it takes a decent strike to do this. I did not kick very hard becasue I did not want to damage my student’s leg!

So why did it work?

I brought his right arm across center line to the left side of the body.

So, why does this work? Because the SUBconscious mind is now confused and is search for the missing body part. If the right hand was to touch the left side of the body this would not work, it will work if they arms are crossed touching also.

If you need to understand better try different things yourself by crossing the arms of your Uki.

That is it for now! Have a great Friday everyone!


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