Kyusho Jitsu Black Belt Certification Course

Kyusho jitsu Black Belt

Kyusho jitsu Black Belt

I have been doing Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups at my dojo in Windsor Ontario Canada for the last 11 years I believe it is. Each year I accept 10-12 people to learn the Novice Kyusho Jitsu Program. After that the majority continue on in the advanced and master level groups. It has been a great addition to our school!

Back in 2007 I created a DVD course called the Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course. I still cannot believe how well that one sold! Several hundred, and I put very little effort into promoting it! But it was only for information purposes, not advancement and certification.

Recently I put together the first of many levels of Black Belt Certification Courses. I had to get my mind around all of what is involved in doing a distance training, and the amount of personal support the student would need. One of the most important aspects is the Skype support given to the student to answer questions and check progress,

My in dojo course for my students is $60 per month for 12 months, Someone from another school or dojo who joins in pays $75 per month. At the end of the 12 month course there is an exam and the fee is $300 per student. This is exactly what I paid in 2002, so by today’s standard this is a steal and the students know it!

So when you consider the idea I am charging right now $497 for the entire package as distance learn, including the Skype sessions and exam this is a STEAL! As I am writing this I think I must be crazy!

Very shortly the course for 2nd Dan Black Belt will be available and I know it will be a BIG hit like this 1st Dan Course has been! The number of students has been overwhelming so I have added some support staff to help me keep up!

The Kyusho Jitsu World is an exciting place, with so much to learn! If you would like to know more about this awesome course just hit the link below!

Don’t forget our FREE mini course either! It is a REAL course and will definitely get you started on the journey!

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About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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