Excuse me! But I think you are cheating!

Karate Kick

Yes I will confess, sometimes I do cheat 🙂

But that comes from years and years of study! You need to know what you are doing, in order to take a short cut! Kyusho Jitsu has a large learning curve, and this is the main reason so many martial artists will ridicule it!

What are the 3 steps of truth?

  1. First it is laughed at!
  2. Next it is ridiculed and sometimes violently apposed
  3. Then it is accepted as self evident truth

Kyusho in the next few years will become a self evident truth in the martial arts world. Do you want to be on the ground floor of this? Then you must do the study now! After some years of work, you too will be able to cheat it all, and get even better results from what you are doing!

The martial artists who claim Kyusho does not work on the streets, are the ones who were to lazy, or not smart enough to really learn the process. And that is truth about EVERYTHING we do in life!

Do you want to learn more about pressure points? Well I want to teach you! Sign up for our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course, it will get you started on the way, giving you information you can use IMMEDIATELY!


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