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Well I have some great news for all the Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point students / teachers out there! I have formed a new organization that is call the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance!

This is a non political ALLIANCE of martial artists wishing to learn more of the art of the pressure point, as well as instructors who are interested in teaching the art and have the backing of masters.

We already have representatives in Canada, Romania and Australia and there will be more very soon! If you would like to become a member, or register your school with us follow this LINK to learn more! Oh membership is FREE.

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Oh and don’t forget to join our Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course!

Yours in the arts,

Grand Master Art Mason



About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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